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Nitrous Oxide! Science

No description

Louise Karlsson

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of Nitrous Oxide! Science

Nitrous Oxide
Chemical & Physical Properties

Nitrous Oxide is colorless, has a non-flammable gas, with a slightly sweet odor and taste.

It has a melting point of -90.81 degrees Celsius, and a boiling point of -88.46 degrees Celsius.

Nitrous Oxide is soluble in alcohol, ether, oils, and sulfuric acid.

The density of Nitrous Oxide is 1.799 g/L at 25 degrees Celsius and standard pressure.

The container holding nitrous oxide could rupture or explode if it is exposed to heat. If you touch it you can get frostbite or blisters. If it comes close to your eye you can get frostbite or blurred vision.

Nitrous Oxide is a gas at room temperature.

Chemical & Physical Changes
Nitrous Oxide is not reactive with most substances in room temperature. It changes only when it gets warmer. Its lifetime in the atmosphere is 120 years. Nitrous Oxide doesn't change much physically or chemically.
Most of you are probably thinking, what is Nitrous Oxide. Well nitrous oxide is commonly known as "Laughing Gas".

Nitrous Oxide is used for all sorts of things like from dentistry to racing cars.

The formula for nitrous oxide is N2O.

The elements that make up nitrous oxide are Nitrogen and Oxygen.
Bond Diagram
Bond Diagram of Nitrous Oxide
Commonly Used & Found As...
Nitrous Oxide is commonly used and found as Gas.
The chemical formula for nitrous oxide is N2O
7 & 8
Nitrous Oxide is used for laughing gas (Laughing Gas is used in surgery and dentistry for its anesthetic and analgesic effect. Which means, you don't feel any pain)
Aerosol sprays (Hairspray, Whipped Cream... etc.) In whipped cream nitrous oxide is used so that when you press the button all the whipped cream comes up.
It is used in racing vehicles. Nitrous Oxide helps the cars engine to have more fuel and to have more power.
It is a green house gas.
Some More Pictures
Table of Contents
Bond Diagram
Chemical & Physical Properties
Chemical & Physical Changes
Commonly Used & Found As
More Pictures
By: Louise Karlsson
Date: Feb. 2, 2014

By: Louise Karlsson
Date: Feb. 2, 2014

Thank You!!! :)
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