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The Hatchet Plot Diagram

No description

Tucker Addis

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of The Hatchet Plot Diagram

The Hatchet Plot Diagram
Brian ran out of fuel and hit the ground. He was very lucky and found a lake to land in. He had little injuries, but nothing too severe and now has to find a way to survive.
Finally Brian is able to catch many different animals and eat them as food, make a fire, still only has dirty water, but was able to survive. After two long months for Brian, someone has found him and he can finally go home.
Rising Action
Brian begins to realize that the plane is running low on fuel. He now has to figure out a way to land the plane safely. He decided that he would let the plane run out of fuel, hope to land and make and make it past the huge forest and survive.
Initial Moment of Conflict
The initial moment of conflict is when Brian's pilot has a heart attack and dies. Brian, a boy who is only 13, has to figure out a way to not crash the plane and stay alive.
Falling Action
Brian was able to find little food, like berries, and only dirty water from the lake he landed in. He also has some shelter. We know now that we it will be a long and hard journey for Brian to survive these harsh conditions.
In this book the only characters introduced were Brian, the protagonist, and the pilot of the plane. Brian is in the plane with only the pilot. He is on his way to his dad's house because his parents are divorced. Brian is a 13 year old boy from New York City and was lost in some woods in Canada.
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