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Life According to Me!

No description

Victoira Harnett

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Life According to Me!

Food !
I dont have one single favourite food, however i really like Pastas and Salads those would be in my top 5 along with Chocolate, Cheesecake and Fruit!
For entertainment, my favourite things to do are, going to concerts (of my favourite bands like Hedely!), hanging out with my friends(Caroline, Jessica, Bronwyn and of course Eric!), shopping(for shoes of course!), watching old movies (dirty dancing, Casablanca, Gone with the Wind!), being creative!(Taking photo's, making clothes, painting and lots of other fun stuff!) and traveling the world experiancing and taking pictures of exotic places! Life
My life is pretty hectic, being a teenage mom in a small town can be pretty trying at times, but i wouldn't trade it for the world! When im not at school, working or with Noah and Eric, I love to figure skate (which i have done for the past 15 years!) and i also like to spend time with my best friend Caroline. I also like to do anything i can to help other teenage mom's in my community
My family is well crazy , but really whose isn't? I live with my mom, her boyfriend and my nana. My boyfriend and i recently had a baby, Noah
He is now 8 months old, and
likes to keep things very
interesting for us!
My name is Victoria, i live in a small town, go to a small school, but my life is anything but small!. my boyfriend Eric and i just recently had a baby boy, Noah, so i am juggling mom-hood, school, working adn having a social life on top of all that. However living in a small down doesnt make life for people like Eric and I any easier, but we dont let us get that down. We are just two kids making a life for ourselves and having tons of fun doing it :)
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