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Supreet Singh

on 16 July 2011

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Transcript of jaDASQ

Founded in 1967 Switzerland A wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD)

Acquired in 2007
-jetaviation.com Charter services

Aircraft management

Fixed base operations

Completions services

Maintenance and repair

Engineering services Substitutes

High Speed Rail
Web Conferencing
Commercial Airlines Form a JV with Jet Airways (Indian owned airline)

Jet Airways has high brand equity within India

20% of the Indian Travel

Currently lacks a sophisticated charter service Delhi Mumbai Bengaluru Hyderabad Chandigarh 153,000 Millionaires in India
21% growth By 2025 India's economy will be 4th Is this how execs travel? This is what an executive deserves! Cost of an executive jet $3000/hr

Cost of 6 first class tickets > $6000!
-flykingfisher.com What's a better Value? Economy

Infrastructure - 75th of 82

Corruption Options

10 years
Culture prefers facetime
Limited Routes Europe United States of America Damola Amao
Ankit Bansal
Supreet Singh
Quintin Ware Kolkata Is this the substitute? Competition Do you want to take the chance? Total Chartered Jet Market: $3.6B (USD) 5 year NPV: 163M! 1967 2010 1970 1967 2010 1970 1967 2010 2007 -Forbes.com 411,000 Millionaires by 2017 -Economist -Goldman Sachs Domestic International Deccan Charter
Taj Air
BJets Net Jets
Bombardier Market Potential: $ 3.6 Bil.
Market Share: 10%
Profit Margin: 15%

Net Income of 32.8M for Year 1 and growing!

5 year NPV: $ 163 Mil.
Total NPV: $ 880 Mil. Price: $5,000 per hour
Variable Costs: $4,000 per hour
Cont. Margin: $1,000 per hour JV
Target Segment - Executives

Emergence of low cost carriers

Jet Aviation can supplement Jet Airways charter services!
Headquarters located in Mumbai Sensitivity Analysis (NPV) Fixed Costs: ~$24 Million
Break even: 25,000 hours
Oper. Leverage: 20%
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