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~Galileo Galilei~

No description

Lauren Nguyen

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of ~Galileo Galilei~

~Galileo Galilei~
~What Happened In His Life?~
~Making A Connection~
I chose the song " Unbreakable by FireFlight", this song is all about getting up and doing what you do best, even if people try to stop you.
It's a good song to relate to Galileo's life because he never gave up on his research, under house arrest or not.
~Overall~ :)
Galileo was a strong, persevering person. Although it's been many years since his existance, thousands and thousands of people look up to him- a person who's life was risked for what he loved, and that's why he's in my hall of fame! :)
~Who is he?~
Galileo influenced the world to keep trying and trying no matter how many times people put you down.
Galileo was hated by the Catholic Church/Religion
He accomplished many scientific things!
Galileo existed in the 1600's, so there are only paintings of him.
He accomplished many things, one of which the laws of the moon.
He researched a lot about our solar system. Like gravitational pull
Galileo made many books, this one is called "The Assayer", published on October 1623.
He also made the the more modern telescope.
~So Why Is He In Your Hall of Fame?~
I feel that Galileo Galilei deserves to be in my Hall of Fame because it's very rare to find someone who will do something that they love so much at the risk of their own death. He Influenced me to keep trying even if people say that it's impossible, or crazy! :)
Born on February 15, 1564
Died blind on January 8th, 1642 at age 77 under house arrest
He went blind, still under house arrest in 1638
Put under house arrest in 1634
Attacked by Copernickus theory oposers in 1616
~Timeline Summary Of His Life~
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