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The Pearl-Quotes by Emma H.

This Prezi will be talking about quotes from the book "The Pearl"

Emma Hamburg

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of The Pearl-Quotes by Emma H.

The Pearl-John Stinebeck "Kino Lifted the flesh and
there it lay as perfect as the moon." This quote is talking about
Kino's recation when he
found the pearl of the world.
He heard the music of the
pearl and let it take him over. "The news stirred up somthing infinately black and evil in the
town." This quote is talking about
how the news of Kino finding the pearl made everyone jealous and made them try to steal it. It's also talking about how easily and quickly rumors start. "He was an animal now, for hiding,for attacking. He only lived now to preserve his family." This quote is talking about Kino's feelings about killing a man, hiding, and leaving. John Stinebeck
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