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Genuine Assent

A way for students to learn about Genuine Assent.

Chris Hanusa

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of Genuine Assent

Contracts Offer & Acceptance Genuine Assent Con$ideration Capacity Legality In writing - sometimes A complete, honest agreement between two parties. Today's Focus: http://app.discoveryeducation.com/player/view/assetGuid/9DCD1F0B-155E-4A57-8300-CEB7D9B54DA3 http://app.discoveryeducation.com/player/view/assetGuid/A978B6C9-EEC6-4A09-8C31-68D4976FD9F4 Most jobs require contracts Watch this video for an example: Say Hey! My contract is legal! Leads to a valid contract, like Roy's Voids a contract If the guy actually thinks the Folex he is selling is a Rolex. If he knows it's a fake but still tries to get Rolex prices Check this out Which doesn't always happen Contracts have six requirements, well let's call it five musts and a strong maybe. jerryfergusonphtography click the crying child, please
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