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Final Presentation- Just Between Indians

No description

Rana Itayama

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Final Presentation- Just Between Indians

Foregrounding & Politeness &Turn Taking Theory
in Just Between Indians
by Ginu kamani

General Info.
Synopsis 2
: "You and your brother do a Jekyll and Hyde routine
where he humiliates women and you step into comfort
the poor victims. Right?"
: "You've got quite the talent for sarcasm."
From p.10 line 2-4
Is it
? or Is it
Indian Women
1. Synopsis
2. Analysis
-Foregrounding theory
- Politeness theory
-Turn taking theory
3. Cultural Aspects
4. Conclusion
Author: Ginu kamani
When/Where: Daya's spring break, in New York
Main Characters: Daya, Sahil
Theme: Power balance and relationship between Daya & Sahil
Indian Culture Aspects
Indian Women and Marriage <3
Indian Women have a lot to do to get married
ex)Dowry System
-Parents' expectation
-Stress in husband's house
-Demand for Dowry keep getting higher
Foregrounding 3
I'm the third guinea pig this year?"

tapped on the table with his fingertips.
"You really mustn't be Indian.
You seem to have nothing but contempt for family obligations."
p20 line 5-7
Foregrounding 4
flashed her wry smile.
"But I've enjoyed every minute
of your headstrong company.
You're...you're so
to life."
p21 line 21-22
* Essayist & fiction writer
(about sexuality, sensuality and power)

* Born in Bombay, emigrated to the U.S.
* Graduated from university of Colorado
* Worked in film production in Bombay
* Works in a volcanic rainforest environment in Dominica
Ginu Kamani
Combining Foregrounding and Politeness Theory + Turn-taking Theory

-In this story, power balance among characters are clearly depicted
-Women's power and ranks are still weak and low however the author may wanted to tell that we should change the situation by describing Daya 's feelings and actions.
-From indians' point of view, women are discriminated but from outside, indian women are beautiful. Daya realized that she can be confident being Indian woman.
Gathering courage
, Daya thought idly, staring at the ceiling.
Her parents had not called.
Risking their wrath she had tried their number, but there was
no answer.
Probably out to a lavish family dinner, celebrating the double
pregnancies of their young brides or something.

From p.17 line 13-16
Foregrounding 2
There is a clear hierarchy among Indians
Because of "Carst System"

Women's power is especially weak in Indian society

Cultural Aspect (Cont.)
Women's marriage

the condition of marriage has been improved
India have law which was publish in 1978 which stated that men can get married at the age of 21 and women at
of Indian women get married


Politeness Theory & Turntaking
Politeness Theory & Scene 1 -the argument- p7-p9
Politeness Theory
- helps the readers manage the identities of the character
- The theory is based on the positive face( a person who needs to be liked) and the negative face(a person's desire to act freely without constraints)
-helps the readers infer that in a certain situatoin, which character has more power than the other characters
That's not funny. - This is supposed to be my vacation. I should get out of here.

FTA, Nagative face,
in bold way

the main protagonist, Daya, is an Indian woman who rejects her identity as an Indian.
Daya dislikes the family from the beginning.
One day
Sahil tells Daya what happened to his mother and Ranjan.
Daya feels sorry for them and regret her rude attitude towards them.
At the end of the story
Daya meets a man who praises Daya's beauty and finally overcomes her negative feeling and realizes which way she should head for.
Would you please quit with the personal comments?

FTA, Negative face
in bold way
Daya tries to be rude and
change such a situation which Sahil has an initiative of the conversation by using
FTA to feel unconstrained.
Politeness Theory & scene 2- under the moon- p19-p20
"I'm the third guinea pig this year?"

FTA, positive
"You don't have to
answer that"

FTA,negative, mitigated way

Turns of their speech:
Sahil 11 >
Daya 6
Daya 17 >
Sahil 11
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