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NEW Celebrity Impact

A Prezi presentation describing the negative and positive impacts of celebrities on teenagers.

lauryn and megan w

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of NEW Celebrity Impact

Celebrities, Teens, and Social Networking
Works Cited
Celebrities and Their Negative Impacts
Celebrities may do inappropriate actions, making teenagers believe it is acceptable to do the same inappropriate actions.
For instance, teenagers may see a celebrity smoking and think it is okay for them to smoke also.
Another example includes if a teenagers spots a celebrity drinking and driving, he or she may decide to drink and drive, just as his or her favorite celebrity. Ex: Justin Bieber
In another situation, a teenage girl may notice an underweight celebrity and realize that she should lose weight, also. This understanding could lead to an eating disorder if she does not eat enough and/or overworks herself.
By focusing on the positive traits of a celebrity, a teenager can protect his or herself from the negative actions a celebrity may perform.
Many teens follow their favorite celebrities on social networking sites.
Some social networking sites include Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
Celebrities may post a picture of themselves doing something inappropriate, making teenagers believe it is okay for them to do inappropriate actions, too.
On the other hand, celebrities may also post a picture of themselves performing charitable work, influencing teenagers to do so also.
Negative and Positive Examples of Celebrities
On the other hand, many celebrities are spotted acting positively.
For instance, the Chief Elder in the novel The Giver sets a positive example by protecting her community from the memories.
The Chief Elder is protecting her community from training with the memories that "'...involves pain. Physical pain.'"
In the modern world, celebrities including Angelina Jolie and Taylor Swift have positive impacts on teenagers and adults alike.
Angelina Jolie has supported numerous foundations, including Care to Learn, Global Action for Children, and Kids in Need of Defense.
Taylor Swift visits sick children in the hospital.
Taylor Swift, has donated over $865,200 to various charities
How Celebrities Influence Teens
In many television programs, celebrities are viewed as royalty and send the message that teenagers should imitate them.
Teens are at risk of watching commercials, reading print ads, listening to radio programs, and following every other way that celebrities use their names as brands.
Teens are influenced by the wardrobe, hair, and overall styles of celebrities, and also what celebrities make of their life decisions.
Based on a recent poll, 77% of Americans believe that celebrities have too much influence on young teenage girls.
Celebrities in Marketing
Celebrities are frequently used in advertisements in the U.S.
In fact, up to 15 % of advertisements have a celebrity starring in it.
Companies hire celebrities hoping that customers will buy the product if they see their favorite celebrity in the advertisement
Companies often use a celebrity that their main buyers would know.
EX: an energy drink brand using a well-known sports player to help advertise.
EX: Adam Levine advertising Proactiv+.
EX: Pepsi using fun, attractive, young people in their ads to help sell their product.
Celebrities and Their Positive Impacts
By: Hunter Garcia, Kyle Huemme, Anagha Iyer, Jayna Rogers, Owen Rogers and Lauryn Wang
The Impact of Celebrities
Teens are easily influenced by celebrities.
As a result, celebrities target teenagers when advertising products, because teens are at the age where they are able to purchase products endorsed by celebrities.
These celebrities can influence their fans in positive and negative ways, such as their clothing, actions, awareness,etc.
We chose to use a social networking profile template to represent how celebrities can impact teens both positively and negatively and also endorse products on social networking sites.

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Meghan Trainor and her song "All About that Bass"

Her song has a positive message to teenagers stating to not worry about one's size just because one sees others skinnier than he or she.
"Positive body image," as the Today Show advertises when they interview Meghan Trainor, mainly affects teenage girls when they see their favorite celebrities underweight.
Such thoughts can influence a teenage girl to go on a diet, stop eating, or work out too much.
This can result in an eating disorder.
1) He/she was arrested for drunk driving.
2) He/she had a hit song called "Baby."
3) He/she smiled in their mugshot.
Positive Influence Jeopardy
Negative Influence Jeopardy
1) He played for the Baltimore Ravens.
2) He lost his NFL contract after punching his fiance in an elevator.

3) He was suspended by the NFL.
1)He/She donated 100,000 dollars
to red cross
1) He/She has supported numerous foundations, including Care to Learn, Global Action for Children, and Kids in Need of Defense.
2)He/she visits sick fans in the hospital.
Justin Bieber
Miley Cyrus
Lindsay Lohan
Ray Rice
Taylor Swift
Angelina Jolie
Meghan Trainor
Russell Wilson
1) His/Her song has a positive message to teenagers stating to not worry about one's body image or size.

3) He/she recently released an album called "1989."
2) He/She is married to Brad Pitt.
3) He/She recently starred in the movie "Maleficent."
1) He/She plays for the Seattle Seahawks.

1) He/she used to play "Hannah Montana" on the Disney Channel hit series "Hannah Montana."
2) He/she was engaged to Liam Hemsworth.
3) He/she sings the song "Wrecking Ball."
1) He/she starred in the new version of the movie "The Parent Trap."
2) He/she starred in the Disney movie "Herbie."
3) He/she was arrested for drinking and driving.
2) He/She visits children in the hospital every Tuesday.
2) He/She recently released the song "Lips Are Movin."
3) He/She donates $3,000 for every touchdown he/she passes or runs for.
3)His/Her most well known song is called "All About that Bass."
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