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distribution furby

madison Spruill, Katie Johnston, and Peeler

Madison Spruill

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of distribution furby

Channel C
Hasbro is the producer
one of the world's leading toy producers.
sales are seasonal.
3rd and 4th quarters are when toy demands are the highest.
Because of this many of the toys produced are held in assigned warehouses so when quarters arrive, enough inventory to meet customers demands.
Furby Distribution
By: Madison Spruill,
Katie Johnston, and

The Producer
Can be purchased at Toys R' Us, Target, and Walmart
sold through distribution channel C.
produced in China then flown to the U.S.
After are stored in warehouses throughout
Trucks then take the product from the warehouse to the retailer.
Whole saler/Warehousing
located in the U.S.
amount and location of warehouses depends on customer sales patterns.
present and future demands are considered when distributing.
After products have been delivered by trucks to the retailers, available for customers to purchase.
Hasbro works with Tompkins Associates and Automation Associates for a benficial distribution plan.
Most of Hasbro's product are sold through those top three super stores.
Hasbro's top three retailers.
Hasbro's toys are sold to the 8 to 12 year old age range.
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