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"Fasting, Feasting" - Melanie Character Presentation

No description

Scott C

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of "Fasting, Feasting" - Melanie Character Presentation

"Fasting, Feasting" - Melanie By Scott Chery and Piero Montessori Physical Description White Pyjamas - bikini
Blotchy skin Personality Cold
Bad-tempered Quotes "Go 'way!" "Give it to him!" "I call that s***" Parallels between Melanie and other characters Uma -> wants independence, to be noticed by family Things Melanie would like Interactions/relationships with other characters Brief - tense
Negative relationship with parents
Relationship with family members = virtually non-existent
Cold towards Arun Role in the novel Imprisonment - pain, suffering in "free" and "luxurious" world
Represents those lost and afraid Link with the title: "Fasting, Feasting" Feasting = gorges herself before regurgitation
Fasting = technically is not eating due to regurgitation
= emotional scale - does not make effort to connect with others Things Melanie would like: TV shows: Jersey Shore
America's Next Top Model Books/magazines: Glamour magazines Clothes: Loose fitting clothes Food: CANDY! THE END
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