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British Empire in India

No description

Jules Renoux

on 11 January 2014

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Transcript of British Empire in India

The British Empire in India
"Robert Clive and Mir Jafar
after the Battle of Plassey, 1757"
by Francis Hayman.
A decisive victory for the British Company
First British trading post in India
Beginning of
the 16th century
British Empire in 1886
British Raj in 1909
Picture taken during the British occupation
Colonial System
and Infrastructures
The Awareness of the Indian People
The Sepoy Revolt
Conquest of India
The Portuguese were defeated near Surat
Creation of the
British East India Company
Seven Years' War
The French were defeated
is the more powerful
European country in India
Increasing of the commercial activities
(in Bombay and Madras particularly)

Reinforcement of the British garrisons
The colonization of India is on the march
The colonial India
In pink : The possessions of the British East Company
In yellow : The protected Indian states
India in 1857
The first locomotive in India
arrived in 1953,
picture taken in 1897
The "Dapoorie Viaduct [Bombay]." in 1955
East India Company coin
minted in 1840
The University of Bombay, completed in 1878
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in the 1880's
The huge contrast between the British officers
and the simple Indian soldiers
The Christian missionary who fought other religions
The fat for rifle cartridges was fat of pigs and cows
The Sepoy revolt in 1857
The awaking
of the Indian nation
Queen Victoria 1st crowned
Empress of India in 1876
Gandhi during the pacific Salt March,
in order to protest against the British domination
"Mahatma" Gandhi,
who led the Indian independence movement
India became independent in 1947.
Realized by
Vincent Chauvin and Jules Renoux
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