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Martin & Malcolm X

No description

Preston Tucker

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Martin & Malcolm X

By: Matt Bosker, Preston Tucker,
Mike Tobias, Sevaneh Miller The life and philosophies of
Martin Luther king Jr. and Malcolm X What Why Who Dr Martin Luther King Jr led the african american struggle to achieve full rights of U.S citizenship and showed how peaceful action could solve intractable social and political problems. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X both worked to support black people on their way to having the rights that all people deserve. Although each did not agree to one another, they both still worked in the same way. Martin Luther King Jrs philosophy is that all people should be equal.

Malcolm X's philosophy was that Black people should try to become economically independent of the White power structure with black businesses and things of that nature. He also advocated bringing a case before the U.N. on behalf of the non-white ethnic groups who were denied human rights. He was a firm believer in Pan-Africanism, a belief that encouraged unity and solidarity between Blacks in Africa, and those in America, that was made famous largely by leaders such as W.E.B. Du Boise, and also said that Black people in America should at least take a kind of mental trip back to Africa to analyze, appreciate, and value of the African ancestors. Malcolm X was an important figure in shaping a muslim and black power movement that challenged the nonviolent and integrationist struggle for african american equality favored by Martin Luther King Jr's civil rights movement. Malcolm X went to jail and studies the philosophies of the islamic community. He also read the dictionary front to back to enhance his vocabulary and make him seem intelligent. When? During the civil rights movement. Martin Luther King Jr. led nonviolent protests from 1955-1968. How Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X both believed in establishing rights for African Americans. So they acted on it. Malcolm X went about doing this by sticking to his greatest motto. Which was "By all means necessary". Which means he believed in defense against physical abuse from white people.(he then later changed his look on things and became non-violent) However, MLK went about business with a non-violence approach from the start, which greatly benefited him in his quest to gain rights for African Americans. MLK used protesting, marches, speeches, etc. as strategies to achieve these rights. No matter how many times whites physically abused African American protestors, they never fought back. Where as Malcolm X initially believed in fighting back in HIS effort to achieve rights for African Americans. No two great men are alike. A part of Dr Martin Luther King Jr's "I have a dream speech." On August 28, 1963. A picture of Martin Luther King Jr when he was giving his i have a dream speech on August 28. 1963 Some things you might not know about Dr. King Malcolm X going to jail
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