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Napoleon Propaganda Project

No description

Jesse Blasingame

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Napoleon Propaganda Project

Name Calling: in this piece of propaganda, written by James Girtin in 1803, the British are calling Napoleon a "Monstorous Beast", and comparing him to the beast of the apocalypse mentioned in book of Revalations. Simplification (Stereotyping): This picture, called One Is Always Faithful to One's First Love, was a piece of propaganda used by the Germans to group Napoleon with the French Revolution. (Notice the Jacobin red hat on the end of his staff.) Pinpointing the Enemy: in this cartoon drawn in 1803, called "The Death of the Corsican Fox", King George III of Great Britian is pinpointing the enemy by holding Napoleon portrayed as a fox by the throat. Plain Folk: In this cartoon, Napoleon is attacked by a yellow dwarf, which was also a popular British card game at the time. Glittering Generalities: In this British cartoon, called "The Magical Painting", Napoleon is portrayed as the devil, which was how British people viewed him, and was to them an good way for them to describe Napoleon.
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