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Energy Flow Change Between Trophic Levels.

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Teddy Lehman

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Energy Flow Change Between Trophic Levels.

And how it changes between the Tropic levels Energy Flow Primary Consumers Primary consumers are animals such as Herbivores. These animals get their energy directly from the producers, meaning they get more energy than animals that would eat them. They get about 10% of the energy that the producers make. There are the second most amount of this level. Secondary Consumers Secondary Consumers are animals such as smaller carnivores and omnivores. These secondary consumers would get even less energy from the producers than the primary consumers, only about 1%. But they would still get around 10% of the primary consumer's energy. This is the trophic level with the third most members. Teritary Consumers are more powerful carnivores that eat other carnivores that are smaller than them. These consumers, being the third consumers to get energy from the producers, only get about 0.1% of the energy the producers make. However, they get 10% of the energy from the secondary consumers. Teritary Consumers Decomposers are the final step in the flow of energy before it restarts. The decomposers only get 0.001% of the energy from the producers, again one tenth of the previous level. The decomposers also make material into
nutrients wich producers use to make energy, all over
again... Decomposers Sun The first trophic level are producers. They are things like trees, flowers, grass, and algae. This level gets the most energy. The most amount of organisims are in this trophic level. They supply all the energy for the later trophic levels. Producers have 100%of their energy. Producers Apex predators have no natural predators, and are the fourth consumer to get energy from producers. This means that the energy must go through primary consumers, secondary consumers, and teritary consumers before it finally reaches them. This means that they only get 0.01% of the energy from the producers, wich is 10% that of teritairy cinsumers. Apex Predators
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