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Untitled Prezi

No description

Scott Savage

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

What I'm doing instead
of studying for a final Nice People JEREMY!!!! Alyssa Silver Megan Stack Paddy Waite He likes to grapple
He speaks Spanish fluently
He's fun to hang out with
But don't fuck with his food...
He's as tall as a Christmas tree! She showed me how to make Prezis
She motivates me to read text books
She is friends with Jeremy
She loves inanimate objects
She compliments my hygiene and clean hair
She gets me really drunk
She has a cool last name
She doesn't have any embarrassing pictures on facebook... Convinced me his real name was Padraig
He's the bees knees
He is not good at playing
He has a great personality, he just isn't that attractive
Makes a great Kram Bottomside
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