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CE 2012 Summer Update

No description

Kim Bogart

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of CE 2012 Summer Update

Children's Ministry Southpoint Community Church
275 to 350 children are in attendance each week.

About 280 volunteers Currently: Summer Fun! 150 Special Volunteers 35 Salvations Family Mission Trips VBS Kidshine Dare to be a Daniel MIAMI Our multi-enerational children’s ministry team of 15 went to serve our church plant in Miami: Over 30 children attended our Vacation Bible School every day and many received Christ as their Savior.
We hosted a Vacation Bible School and did community outreach.
The children's ministry hosted a family mission trip to Costa Rica. COSTA RICA We delivered backpacks and Bibles to hundreds of children.
God used our children in a powerful way to share His love. $982.56 was raised to help stop malaria in Mali.
This equals 164 treated mesquito nets which will help pretect 656 children for the next four years.

We have outgrown our facility VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL KIDSHINE PERFORMING ARTS CAMP Over 200 Kids Attended!! Fifty performers put on a full presentation at the end of an amazing God filled week. Graduated 30 kids from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Dare to Be a Daniel LOOKING FORWARD Restructuring for growth rather than maintenance We Are Reinventing to Reflect Current Trends CLASSROOM CHANGES Go Chronologically through the Bible 1st and 2nd Grade What's In The Bible: 3rd and 4th Grade 252 BASICS: Creating a Relational Environment 5th Grade THE BIG SHIFT To equip parents to become the primary spiritual trainers in their homes. Research shows that true spiritual transformation happens when parents are involved and engaged. We all agree that we cannot impact the next generation unless we impact their parents. Two Ways that we have done that this year: 1st Bible Classes Baby Dedications & 56 1st grade Bibles have been awarded in the last year 51 Families Have Participated in Baby Dedication in the last year. Our Volunteers Are #1 In keeping with our initiative for growth rather than maintenance, our primary focus continues to be recruiting volunteers We currently have about 280 Volunteers We currently need about 380 Volunteers Additional Needs include:
22 Team Leads
60 Assistant Teachers 90 % of ALL children live outside of the United States. 90% of training and curriculum is in the United States Teachers Training Teachers 10/40 Window Dr. Bryant Myers, director of World Vision’s MARC division, made an eyeopening
discovery. He presented a stunning graphic showing that,
in the U.S.A., nearly 85 percent of people who make a decision for Christ, do so
between the ages of 4 and 14. 4/14 Window Based on these facts, this demographic should be a top priority of the church. Are you Smarter than a 5th grader?? Structuring for Growth Rather Than Maintenance 100 Volunteers Establish Middle Management Train Teachers to Train Teachers Summer Intern Camps Home Bible Studies With God All Things Are Possible!
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