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Story of an Element

Khouri David

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Promethium

Promethium has: -Atomic mass of 145
-61 Protons/electrons
-84 Neutrons
-Isotopes of
Pm143 Pm148
Pm144 Pm148m
Pm145 Pm149
Pm146 Pm151
Pm147 Beginnings WHERE IS IT FOUND? WHATS IT USES? Promethium Promethium
(Pm) Promethium Beginnings This element is extremely rare and can only be fissioned products of Uranium, Thorium, and Plutonium. USES? It was the last lanthanide to be discovered but still has a great use in today's modern world. Promethium Atomic Structure Promethium Structure How its made Promethium is used as a beta source for thickness gauges and is used in atomic batteries for spacecraft and guided missiles! Promethium was discovered by J.A. Marinsky, an American chemist, in 1945. It is part of 30 rare earth group in the periodic table and is classified as a Lanthanide. Promethium comes from the greek God Prometheus who stole fire of sky and gave it to mankind. FISSION Very rare on Earth and can only be made by It is also....... Radioactive
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