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Magazine Cover Analysis

No description

saskia long

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of Magazine Cover Analysis

GoreZone Magazine
Magazine Cover Analysis
GoreZone is a sister magazine of the popular horror magazine Fangoria, created in the late 1980's/early 90's (and re-introduced in 2013), under the company of The Brooklyn Company Inc. Fangoria is an internationally distributed US magazine that specialises in the horror genres, slasher, splatter and exploitation films. Both Fangoria and GoreZone are edited by Chris Alexander. GoreZone has been labelled the most gore-filled out of the two.
Main Image
Website/ social networking links:
Main Coverline
Masthead: The masthead is written in red, which is a colour linked with the horror genre. It is written in block lettering that stands out on the white background, it has a black outlining also making it stand out. The fact it is called ‘GOREZONE’ really links and shows the audience that this is a horror magazine because horror features a lot of gore (perhaps this is why the masthead is red symbolising blood and death - which of course is what GoreZone is known best for)
Tagline: The tagline is featured at the top of the magazine and even though its not a slogan it can be used as a bait and hook to the audience, to persuade them to buy the magazine. If they know that its one of the best selling horror magazines then they will be more likely to buy it . On the spine of the magazine it also says 'WORLDWIDE NO.1 HORROR ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE' also used as a device to lure the reader in. Also on the other side of the cover it says ‘VOGUE FOR HORROR FANS’ making big fans of the genre want to buy it even more .
The main image is of the main subject ‘Natasha Lyonne’ who is covered in blood, not just on her face but her body too, This is very bold and stands out to the reader. This leaves a lot of mystery to the reader because they wonder why she is covered in blood, leaving them wanting to read more. From this image we can suggest as the audience that she is possibly an antagonist and in terms of the horror genre she could be a vampire but this isn't clear.
For even more access to ‘GoreZone’ there is a link to the website which will probably have a lot more content and links to other social networking links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) so the consumer can get more involved. For the producer of this magazine this is a great way to keep the reader linked and it can be converged on mobiles, Ipads and other portable devices so they can keep in tune and up to date on the latest 24/7. This link may also be able to lead the reader to a merchandise store.
The coverlines are written with a red subheadline catching the eye of the reader. For this particular coverline, it is talking about someone from the film ‘Halloween’ which instantly reels in the audience because that was such a successful film.
Direct Address/ The audience have voted for the most gore filled film so by adding this on the front cover it makes the reader want to read more about the winning film and potentially see it. The directors name is also in bold red so fans of the director will instantly want to read more.
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