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Harry Potter

No description

Bernat Frangi

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Harry Potter

Deathly hallows
click here for a list of spells

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_spells_in_Ha rry_Potter
three sets of plain black robes
one plain pointed hat (black) for day wear
one pair of protective gloves
one winter cloak (black with silver fastenings)
the standard book of spells (grade 1)
a history of magic
magical theory
a begginer´s guide to transfiguration
one thousand magical herbs and fungi
magical drafts and potions
fantastic beasts and where to find them
the dark forces: a guide to self protection
1 wand
1 cauldron( pewter, standard size 2)
1 set glass or crystal phials
1 telescope
1 set brass scales
Students may also bring, if they desire, an owl OR a cat OR atoad.

It is played in a stadium- oval shaped (150 m, axis of 55), each side is provided with three rings located at different height level. To play, there are three different types of balls: one Quaffle, two Bludgers and one Golden Snitch. the team that catches the Golden snithch gains 150 points and the game is won automatically. the Quaffle is used to score by passing through the rings of the opposing team, if it does, the team that scored gains 10 points. the Bludgers are used to attack the players of the opposing team, two of he players of the team have small bats to avoid Bludgers.
Main characters
Harry Potter
Firstly, you have to be a wizard.
Secondly, you have to be 11.
If you meet these statements, you will recieve a letter saying that you can go to Hogwarts.

How to get into Hogwarts
Flying lessons
Emma Watson
Hermione Granger
Daniel Radcliffe
Harry Potter
Ruppert Grint
order of the phoenix
Death Eaters
Dumbeldore´s Army
Peter Petegrew
James Potter
Sirius Black
Remus Lupin
Hogwarts staff
Severus snape
The Weasleys
Luna Lovegood
Cedric Diggory
philosopher stone
Chamber of secrets
Prisioner of Azkaban
Harry Potter has no ide how famous he is.That´´s´s because he´s being raised by his miserable aunt and uncle who are terrified Harry will learn that he´s relly a wizard, just as his parents were. But everything changes when Harry is summoned to attend to a famous school for wizards, and he begins to discover some clues about his illustrious birthlight. From the surprising way he is greeted by a lovable giant, to the unique curriculum and colourful faculty at his unusual school harry finds himself drawn deep inside a mystical world he never knew existed and closer to his own noble destiny.
The Dursleys were so mean that hideus summer that all that Harry Potter wanted to do was to get backto the Hogwarts school for Wichcraft and Wizardy. But just as he´s packing his bags, Harry recieves a warning from a strange, impish creature named Dobby who says that if Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts, disaster will strike.
after Dumbeldore´s death, Volemort gains more power and takes over the Wizarding World. He takes over the ministry of magic and scares off the people who are against him.
He also seeks for the deathly Hallows: Three powerful magical objects that can make a wizard/witch the master of death. Meanwhile Harry is trying to kill voldemort, the most powerful dark wizard. Before Dumbeldore´s death, Dumbeldore teaches Harry about the Hocruxes- the objects which contain the seven bits of soul of Voldemort. Harry begins in search of the objects with the help of his best friends.
Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, shortened Hogwarts, is a fictional school for magic for students aged 11 to 18, and is the primary setting for the first six books in J.K. Rowling´s Harry Potter series
for twelve long years, the dread fortress of Azkaban held an infamous prisioner named Sirius Black, Convicted of killing 13 people with a single course, he was said to be the heir apparent to dark Lord Voldemort.
Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter is midway through his training as a wizard and his coming of age. Harry wants to get away from the Dursleys and go to the International Quidditch Cup. He wants to find out about the mysterious that´s supposed to take place at Hogwarts this year, an event involving two other rival schools of magic, and a competition that hasn´t happened for a hundred years. He wants to be a normal, 14 year old wizard. But unfortunately for Harry Potter he´s not normal-even by wizard standards. and in his case, different can be deadly.
Order of the Phoenix
In his fith year at Hogwarts, Harry faces challenges at every turn, from Voldemort and the unreliability of the government of the magical world to the rise of Ron Weasley as the keeper of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Along the way he learns about the strength of his friends, the fiercness of his enemies and the meaning of sacrifice.
Half blood prince
The war against Voldemort is not going well; even the Muggles have been affected. Dumbeldore is absent for long stretches of time, and the Order of the Phoenix has already suffered losses.
19 years later
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Deep into the story
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