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dingo and the desert bloodwood tree

No description

yevin karunaratne

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of dingo and the desert bloodwood tree

The dingo is a free-ranging dog found mainly in Australia and southeast Asia. They are vulnerable which means they are nearly endangered. The dingo is the largest terrestrial predator in Australia.
Dingoes howl compared to other dogs who bark. Dingoes use howling for long distance communications. They also use it to protect their territory, to give others warning signals and to track down lost puppies.
Erect Ears
Dingoes have erect ears because it helps them with hunting and also for hearing long distance howls from others.
Different Dingoes have different fur for there surrounding to camouflage like the desert Dingo has a little of light brown fur and some yellow Ochre which looks a little like sand.
Desert Dingo and The Desert Bloodwood Tree
About The Dingo
Dingoes arrival to Australia
It Is known as that The dingo Is a primitive dog that evolved from the plains wolf of India. It's believed that Asian seafarers brought dingoes to Australia 4000-6000 years ago.
Some Facts
Dingoes live in small groups, of around 10
Dingoes breed around once a year to around 5 puppies.The puppies are born blind.
Dingoes live up to 8-10 years
Desert Bloodwood Tree
Desert Bloodwood trees (also known as Corymbia terminals) have rough bark and thick red sap. They have leathery leaves and store water in roots.
Flowers it grows
The Bloodwood tree produces yellow and white flowers in months like April And October
Here is a cool fact the Bloodwood tree drops off branches to save energy!
Fruit Capsules
The Bloodwood tree produces Fruit capsules that humans use to make necklaces and wonderful toys.
The Bloodwood tree is a host to a female insect called a Coccid which is a small insect. Hiding in the tree she sucks sap out of tree vines.
The lifespan of the Bloodwood tree is unknown but is believed to be around a several hundred years.
Thanks For Listening
Desert Bloodwood tree
Desert Dingo
Hope You Enjoy!
Fast running
Dingoes have large and soft paws with strong claws. Their long legs make them fast for hunting.
Dingoes eat other animals, but mostly prefer animals like rabbits, rodents and kangaroos
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