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A Pill For Osteoporosis

Reed Lutter

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Strontium

Info and use on
advanced bone
cancers Info on the
strontium in our
bones Strontium A Pill for Osteoporosis This pill will help all sorts of people from pro athletes with bone injuries to women with osteoporosis. The pill will be sold with a prescription if the amount of strontium needed is different for each person, even if not it would still be prescription since there are certain health affects that could occur depending on the users condition. The only concern is if a children were to intake a lot of strontium because it can affect bone development. We do need funding for this pill but it will be worth your money, It will not just help with osteoporosis but bone problems in general. The approximate amount of strontium needed to help bone regeneration / strengthening is known. The pill has not been tested but strontium has been. If it is funded The pill will be tested to figure out the exact/good amount of strontium needed or if the amount is different for each person. To get the strontium to the right place needs to figured out. The pill's strontium compound that will not harm the body but allow the strontium to do what is wanted needs to be found. - only $1 per 100g bulk
- more useful would be
pure which is $100
for 100g Osteoporosis A disease of bones that leads to increased risk of fracture. This condition is caused by a reduction in bone density, which leads to more fragile bones and a higher risk of fractures. Mainly occurs in women but can occur in men. Strontium - Sr *Strontium is the 38th element
*It has 38 protons and 38 electrons and 50 neutrons
*atomic mass of 87.62

Common uses:
*signal flares + fireworks
*colored television picture tubes
*the refining of zinc
*combined with iron to make magnets
*strontium-89 (radioactive) is given through an IV for prostate cancer and advanced bone cancers Brainstorming Finalization Realization Money -Strontium is found in our bones + It is also used in advanced bone cancer treatment meaning it could have potential effects on bones.

-Strontium could/would react with the water inside us - so the pill would need to be a strontium compound Places Where Strontium is mined Osteo-undo = = = Most Less Least *340-400 mg of strontium in our bones.

*A test was done on women with

osteoporosis taking 680 milligrams daily for

3 years daily, and their risk for a vertebral

fraction dropped by 41%

*Strontium in this test was found to have

anabolic activity in bone, and could have

significant beneficial effects on bone balance

in normal and osteopenic patients. http://www.drhoffman.com/page.cfm/447 Radioactive Strontium, certain isotopes of

strontium are used in advanced bone cancers to

treat the area or areas of cancer in the bones.

There are no immediate

affects of the treatment but the patients

will have low levels radiation in them, though

the levels get lower and

lower each day. http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/cancer-help/about-cancer/treatment/radiotherapy/internal/types/radioactive-strontium-therapy strontium in our bones Strontium use in advanced bone cancers Strontium Possible Risks/Health Affects

If Strontium is taken in recommended amounts it can still cause occasional mild gastrointestinal (stomach and intestinal) upset and sometimes headaches.

Other health risks of strontium:
-slight increased risk of blood clots
-can build up in someone with low kidney function, since strontium is eliminated by the kidney
-can affect bone development, kids shouldn't take
-strontium doses could be unsafe during pregnancy or breastfeeding
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