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Ayub's Basic Democrats

No description

Khurram Masood

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Ayub's Basic Democrats

Ayub's Basic Democrats
Basic Democrats
Ayub's Point of View
“We have adopted the Basic Democrat system as it is simpler to work, more akin to our genius and history, and less liable to lead to instability, a luxury that a developing country like ours cannot afford.”
- President Ayub Khan
How the System worked

Field Marshall Muhammad
Ayub Khan
- 1st Officer in Pakistan Armed Forces
- 1st Commander-in-Chief
- Defense Minister in Bogra's cabinet
- 1st Chief Marshall Law Administrator
- 2nd President
- 1st and only 5-star General
- Preceded by Iskander Mirza
- Succeeded by Yahya Khan
- 11 years in power (1958-1969)
- Introduced on 27th Oct,1959
- Ayub's Genius
- 1962 Constitution
- Sophisticated Parliamentary System not suitable for Pakistan
- Local Govt. & Rural Development
- Two-way channel of communication
Union councilors
District (zila) Councilors
Tehsil (subdistrict) councilors
Deputy Commissioner
Advisory council
- Against Fatima Jinnah
- Probably the most controversial, farcical presidential election in our history.
- Allegedly bribed Basic Democrats
- Legislate on electoral matters.
- Re-elected with 64% votes
A Different Point of View
Think before you ask.
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