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Water Lilies

No description

Emma Spott

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of Water Lilies

One of the most famous painters in the history of art and a leading figure in the Impressionist movement, whose works can be seen in museums around the world, Oscar-Claude Monet was born on November 14, 1840, in Paris, France. Monet's father, Adolphe, worked in his family's shipping business, while his mother, Louise, took care of the family. A trained singer, Louise enjoyed poetry and was a popular hostess.
Monet grew up with his older brother, Leon. While he was a decent student at school,Monet did not like being in a classroom. He was more interested in being outside. At an younge, Monet developed a love of drawing. He filled his schoolbooks with sketches of people, including caricatures of his teacher. While his mother supported his artistic efforts, Monet's father wanted him to go into business.
On 28 January 1857, his mother died. At the age of sixteen, he left school and went to live with his widowed, childless aunt,
When Monet traveled to Paris to visit the Louvre, he witnessed painters copying from the old masters. Having brought his paints and other tools with him, he would instead go and sit by a window and paint what he saw. Monet was in Paris for several years and met other young painters, including Édouard Manet and others who would become friends and fellow Impressionists.

Other Pieces By Claude Monet
The topic of the painting is water lilies.
What is happening in the picture is there are lily pads floating in a pond.
The painting reminds the viewer of always be calm and always be on top like the lily pads are on top of the water.
There are no humans in the painting.
I personally think that the sky is clear and bright because in the painting the colors are bright.
There are no artificial objects in the painting.
The colours on the painting makes you feel calm.
In the painting the colours green and blue are calming colours. Red and yellow are happy and loud.
The colours are imitative because when Claude Monet painted the picture he copied the colours from the pond.
Water Lilies
Oscar-Claude Monet
Claude Monet
facing right
irises in Monet's garden
Morning On The Seine
In Then rain
a woman reading
The style of the painting is impressionism. Claude Monet was an impressionist painter and was one of the first to paint in that style.
The paining is a snapshot of what Claude Monet saw in the moment he painted the picture.
Everybody has a different vision, and people show them in different ways such as dancing, writing them down on a piece of paper, or painting there vision. The Artist Claude Monet had many visions and today I will be showing you one of his painting that is titled water Lilies.
By: Emma Spott
The lines in Claude Monet's painting are irregular and indistinct.
All the colours and background blend with each other.
did you know?:
Claude Monets paintings are all blurry because when he painted he had to paint fast so that he could paint what was there at that moment.
The natural daylight is highlighting the Lillie pads in the picture which is the main centerpiece of the painting.
There are no shadows in the painting because when Claude Monet was painting the picture there were no shadows in the water.
In the painting the light in the picture directs your gaze to the water lilies which is why Claude Monet called this panting Water Lilies.
Also Claude Monet used yellow on the water lilies because he wanted to make them even brighter.
In the painting the lily pads line up with one another vertically and horizontally.
The painting is harmonious because it is a peaceful nature scene captured by Claude Monet.
The lily pads equally share the views attention because the sun light is on all of them and not just focusing on one lily pad.
Water Lilies
Work of Art:
Water Lilies
Oscar-Claude Monet
Year Of Creation:
Location Of Creation:
Monet's pond in his backyard which is located in Giverny, France
Reason For Creation:
when Monet started a series of paintings he decided to only paint water lilies,and that is why he painted it.
Thank you for watching my presentation I hope you enjoyed it!
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