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ICT in our Daily Lives?

This Prezi will be able to show you how useful is ICT in our daily lives.

Ann Araga

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of ICT in our Daily Lives?

Being known Good or Bad? Internet helps us in everything - communicate with siblings which are out of your reach. Also letting us research into a topic your interested in. Not only. You can make friends which maybe your best friend through internet. In your spare time technology helps entertain you with variety of different fun websites. Many people who are known all over the world right now, used internet to help them. When we want our talent to be known Technology comes in to help us. Whether your good at drawing, signing or even writing novels - all of that can still be published giving you a chance to be known. ICT in our daily lives Why we should use it How ICT has a big
effect in our lives Technology has impacted our lives. It has
made it easier for us to communicate with
other people in other parts of the world. It
has also made jobs for thousands of people,
and opening doors to new inventions. Just take care and stay safe - that will make you depend on technology all your life!!
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