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Indiginous People

No description

Jakob Bredahl

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Indiginous People

Today's issues
Why did i choose this topic?
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Personal interest

To learn more

Current interest

What can be done?
Burke Rebecca and Lay, Tracy: Aboriginal Children: A "Lost Generation"


Rabbit-proof fence
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Poverty and low income.

Poor education.

Poor access to medical assistance in rural areas.

Drug, alcohol and smoking abuse.

Exposure to violence.

Racial abuse and cultural differences.

Social pressures.

Youth suicide.
Molly, Daisy and Gracy

Who removed the children

Why did they do it

How has this affected the Aborigines

"Train and kidnap the children"
Rabbit-proof fence 2002 (1931)

John Pilger's Utopia 2014
John Pilger's Utopia
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Utopia or Dystopia?
How come the life quality doesn't improve

Utopia's political impact

Do they feel obligated to help them

Improve life quality for the Aborigines

Keep being suppressed

Will there ever be a Utopia

More attention to the problem

Giving a part of the land back to them
Made by
Jakob Bredahl Jensen

Silkeborg Tekniske Gymnasium

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