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Bonnie's Sonnet to Clyde

Oh how she loved him so.

Dawi Ortiz

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Bonnie's Sonnet to Clyde

Bonnie's Sonnet to Clyde
Oh how I love you Clyde
You are my best friend, and can comfort many with your words.
Hopefully one day I can be your bride
Your voice often matches the songs of the birds.
It is you that I adore
You give me the feeling of being free
Being with you has never been a chore
Your kindness is refreshing, like the sweetest green tea.
Our love will never stale
often times when I find you asleep
your face is a ghostly pale.
Your happiness is mine to keep
I love you just because;
And I think that our love deserves an applause.
For this assignment, I decided to go with the couple Bonnie and Clyde, because they are often associated with love being the perfect crime. I chose the tone of my sonnet to be happy and/or giddy. Bonnie was clearly in love with Clyde and like any girl, whenever he crossed her mind she felt happy and bubbly. I think the poem emphasizes the happier parts of the Bonnie and Clyde relationship instead of highlighting their criminal careers. I did not use any sort of humorous devices in this poem because this was a serious "I love you" poem. Some of the challenges I experienced while writing this poem were that I had to do research on Bonnie and Clyde to add to my prior knowledge of the couple and their relationship.
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