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Ocean Energy

No description

Lauren Cwiklo

on 16 April 2017

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Transcript of Ocean Energy

-Operate between 1-6m wave height

-11.5m above water, 32m below

-Peak generation rating: 0.87 MW

-180 tons
Harnessing Ocean Energy
By: Lauren Cwiko

Gravitational forces exerted by the
Moon, Sun and rotation of the Earth causes rise and fall of sea levels

Wind causes surface waves
-Off shore:
Temperature Gradients
-Rivers and Bays: Tidal Forces
Wave vs. Tidal Energy
-Coastal: Upwelling Currents
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)
Pelamis Wave Power
Ocean Power Technologies
Wave Star Energy
Aquamarine Power
-Marine life: spatial/ noise impact

-Humans: eye sore & interferes with maritime industry

-Longer payback periods

-Far from the grid
Senior Design Project
-1.2 MW

-Rated power in tidal currents greater than 2.4m/s

-Water depths up to 38m

-Rotor diameter 16-20m
Marine Current Turbines
-Water density is over 800x higher than air density

-Renewable/ reduces CO2 emissions

-Opportunity to reduce our dependence on foreign oil

-Current technologies are connecting to the grid
-40-50 Oyster devices

-40MW Wave farm
-5.5mi off coast

-0.5mi below surface

-Developing a 1MW project
-Horizontal velocity -180m long, 4m diameter

-P2 produces 0.75MW -1350 tonnes
Tidal Barrage
-Sihwa Lake has total power capacity of 254MW

-10 turbines with 7.5m runner diameters
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