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No description

Alice Liang

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of tumblr.

A Brief History - Microblogging platform and social networking site

- Foundation Date: February 2007

- Founder: David Karp (Current CEO)

- Davidville

- "Tumbleblogs"

- Creation of Tumblr, Inc. Sarah Moon, Shannon,
Alice Liang, Cherry Lin,
Zong Wen Fu, Julia Masuoka,
Stephanie Wei Ownership & Organizational
Structure - Privately-held company owned by Tumblr, Inc.

- 25% to small investors:
- Union Square Ventures
- Spark Capital
- Martin Varsavsky
- John Borthwick
- Krum Capital
- Fred Selbert
- Sequoia Capital - May 20th, 2013 Yahoo! acquired Tumblr
for $1.1 Billion

- Long negotiations and many user objections

- Private to Public

- The future of Tumblr under Yahoo! Customers don't want to be sold products in an aggressive manner by business on social media platforms. They'd rather read interesting info., in the cases of Urban Outfitters and Modcloth, look at pretty pictures -Use High-Quality Images to Promote Products Marketing Strategies of Tumblr Tumblr users don't like lengthy text pieces on their blog rolls. This is why a Tumblr blog helps companies producing info to reach a different audience - one that is visually oriented and might not spend the time to read. -Post News and Information in Photo Form to Reach Visual Thinkers Marketing Strategies of Tumblr Instead of talking at viewers, it's engaging in conversation with them. This is a tactic that will strengthen the relationship between the company and the consumer. -Add Personality to the Posts to Endear Your Brand to Followers Marketing Strategies of Tumblr Marketers must give in order to receive, whether they're posting exclusive photos or demonstration videos. -Give Followers a Behind-the-Scenes Look to Make Them Feel Part of the Brand Marketing Strategies of Tumblr - From ads.
They decided to target those kinds of advertisers that aim to win awards by selling stories, not banner ads.

- Increase the amount of ads in Tumblr feeds.
Tumblr does advertising in the News Feed or dashboard. Yahoo might work with bloggers who wants ads on their blogs.

- From premium themes
They might also launch other premium products in the future. How does Tumblr make money on ads David Karp, the current CEO of Tumblr is saying that he doesn’t want to use targeted adverts in the way Facebook or Google + are going. The idea quoted in the article is that for-profit companies are using Tumblr as a kind of lab for brand ideas.

David is quoted as talking about three types of Tumblr subscribers: (i) ‘Creators’ - though small in number are producing the bulk of original content in Tumblr, (ii) ‘Curators’ - people who harvest the best work in Tumblr and reblog for larger audiences, and (iii) ‘Consumers’ - the largest group within Tumblr. Business Model or Commercial Imperative Tumblr poached its new head of
Ad sales from Groupon Tumblr appointed Lee Brown to head up its burgeoning ad sales department. He was previously Groupon, where he was tasked with building the daily deal site's national client base. Tumblr introduced their first advertising products in May of this year and have since worked with a number of major brands including Coca-Cola, adidas, Fox Searchlight, Calvin Klein, and MTV to promote advertising that truly embodies the creative spirit of the Tumblr community. "Tumblr celebrates creativity. We want you to express yourself freely and use Tumblr to reflect who you are, and what you love, think, witness, and believe."

Tumblr's regulations prohibit:
- Malicious Bigotry
- Harm to Minors
- Promotion and Glorification of Self Harm
- Gore and Mutilation Content
- Unflagged NSFW Blogs
- Uploading Sexually Explicit Video
- Non-Genuine Social Gestures/Schemes
- Username & URL Abuse
- Mass Registration & Automation
- Unauthorized Contests, Sweepstakes, Giveaways
- Copywright/Trademark Infringement
- Impersonation, Stalking, or Harrassment
- Privacy Violations
- Disruptions, Exploits and Resource Abuse
- Unlawful Uses & Content Tumblr's Regulations - Lack of Content Safety and Filtering Risk:

Adult content and pornographic images

Self-harm and eating disorder blogs

1 in 6 Tumblr pages estimated to contain some adult content

- Copyright Infringement Risk:

Tumblr has received criticism for the ability of bloggers to violate copyright

Tumblr is protected from copyright infringement lawsuits so long as it follows certain procedures to remove copyrighted photos and other content after being notified by the copyright holder

Only one copyright lawsuit has been filed against Tumblr (filed in May 2012 by a pornographic / adult website company called Perfect 10, Inc.) Regulation Issues Tumblr's Ban on Promotion of Self-Harm Blogs:

- In February 2012 Tumblr announced the ban of blogs that would "actively promote self harm"

- This includes: Blogs glorifying/promoting anorexia, bulimia, suicide, and self-mutilation.

- This policy prohibits any material featuring such pro-self harm and eating disorder posts

- Some of these Tumblr specifically looks out for includes hashtags: annorexia, bulimia, thinspiration, purging, pro-ana, thinspo

-Tumblr posts PSA-style warnings when users search such tags.

- Many Tumblr users have debated against this policy, questioning their freedom of expression, criticizing the allowance of other explicit content on Tumblr, such as pornographic images. Regulation Issues · When a user transfers subscriber content to Tumblr through the services, you give Tumblr a non-exclusive, right and license to use, reproduce, display (publicly or otherwise), distribute, transmit, modify, and create copied works of such subscriber content.
· Publicly posted content is available to third parties
-Distribute or analyze such content on their own media services.
· Age Limitations
· International Use
· “Promotions”
· Termination Conditions of Production Intended Audience or User - Available for all ages
- 44.4% ages 18-34
- Main audience from US - 45% of visitors (249 million)
- Brazil: 49 million visits
- UK: 34 million visits
- Overall: Tumblr has seen more than 560 million people view content on its networks Forms of User Experience - Available not only on computer, but also as the Tumblr app

Different reasons to use Tumblr:
- Do not need account w/Tumblr in order to browse
- Facebook users
- "Fanpages"
- Teachers/TA's use for school Dashboard Queue Tags Discussion Questions 2. Will the acquistion of tumblr by Yahoo! ultimately be beneficial or harmful for tumblr? 1. With similar competitors such as
Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest, do you think that Tumblr is unique enough to thrive?
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