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Government United States of America

How to become President, explaination of the US government, etc...

Nico Goehner

on 16 January 2012

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Transcript of Government United States of America

The United States of America One Nation world Big men strong President jobs American Dream faith
God trust government force Army culture multiculture crisis War freedom rights every justice today New York life friend now hard work individual spirit courage defense promise money Hollywood challenges country Obama Bush mighti beauty birth racism enduring trust knowledge Main Idea of
The Political System in the USA Legislative branch Executive branch Judicial branch - House of Representatives
(435, elected for a 2-year term)
- Senate (100 Senators, 2 from each state elected for a 6-year term, a third every 2 years resides in the White house
chosen for a 4-year term by the Electoral College and Federal courts, 9 judges of the Supreme court nominated by the President for life The American system of Government Electorate all citizens over 18 elects Electoral College 538 members President Congress Supreme Court elects appoints federal constitutional Republic USA is ruled by all of its citizens
People use their power to elect officials - represent them local, state, national
seperation of powers The System of Checks and balances control between branches Role of the President Head of State
Chief Executive Officer
Leader of Republicans
how to become a President must be native born American
at least 35 years old
have lived in the USA for at least 14 years
Power of the Congress declare war, make peace
maintain armed forces
make laws
Department of Defense
print money
can overrule the President's veto final word
serve as guidelines for lower courts
Have complete authority over lower courts
decide whether government actions go against the constitution The Supreme Court 2011 Thank you for your Attention Thank you for your attention

Maren Goehner Main political parties Republicans Democrats Voters middle class, the wealthy, rich farmers, big business working-class people, immigrants, small farmers political
trend conservative liberal structure Three branches of government Main Idea of the political system Powers of the branches
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