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No description

Lucy Van Der Merwe

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of Memory

How many words can you remember?
How many words could you remember?
What was your score?
20 - 30 you have a good memory

10 -19 Your memory may need some work

0 - 9 You may need to keep a string tied around your finger
Nine Swap Cell Ring
Plugs Lamp Apple Table Sway Bank Color Lust
Army Fire Hold Worm
Clock Horse Baby Sword
Desk Hold Find Bird

You get 2 minutes
to look at the words
Complete the memory
self test
You need to have a positive
attitude and pay attention.
Remember the right things
Determine what is most important

Take notes and ask questions

Look for clues during lectures

Put content in your own words

Make sure you understand
Memorise new material
Meaningful organisation

Involve multiple senses

Revise regularly
Strategies to increase your memory
Remember the right things
New material
Meaningful organisation
Group ideas in
meaningful categories:

Titles and headings
Pictures and charts
Read the summary
Use a set sequence
Look for patterns

Involve multiple senses
Use senses such as seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting to enhance memory

Use multimedia
Revise regularly
Review your notes

Make sure you have an overview of your course

Do self testing

Formulate questions and answer them
10 Tips
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