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MiQ - Marketing Plan

To deliver amanhã

João Jerónimo

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of MiQ - Marketing Plan

MiQ The MKT Plan What is MiQ ? Analysis Competitors What is this MKT Plan about ? Mission and Objectives STP Product Strategy Marketing Mix Performance and Control Marketing Plan:
MIQ MiQ is a portuguese startup;
Main areas: Market Research and Segmented Direct Advertising; What does it do ? Establishes a direct communication channel with individuals;
Buys information from individuals;
Uses that information for Market Research
Sells Market Research and direct segmented advertising to companies DSM ? Segmented advertising = Relevant taylor made advertising;
Direct = Directly delivered to people;

Why ? It's more effective to know exactly to whom you are advertising, design the apropriate value propositions and communication, don't waste money on advertising to people not part of the market. This MKT Plan is about Direct Segmented SMS Advertising, for short we will call it DSSA.

Companies can select up to micro segments of customers and pottential customers;
Companies can advertise differently to this customers by SMS;
All the customers see the adverts, immediatly, and they can interact with the adverts;
Data of this interactions with ads and response to the ads is stored and studied for better targetting in the future.

Great for:
Pull Marketing;
Simple and quick communications (EX: There's a SALE on store X near you);
B2C Companies in Portugal
Their client base has >85% of mobile phone users Market Needs: Surveyed companies have shown interest in:
Accurate sense of MKT Campaign's ROI;
Accurate sense of Costs Per Contact;
Knowing more about potential customers;
Targeting potential customers; Market Overview “We bring our Clients closer to their customers” B2C Companies in Portugal
Their client base has >85% of mobile phone users External Factors with
greater impact on MIQ: Technology:
- The spread of the 3rd G
- The emergence of the 4th G Suppliers:

MIQ tangible assets:
Database servers - Several;
Web servers - Several;
GSM Gateways - Few;
3G Gateways - Few;

SMS Suppliers:

People; There is no direct competition;

An alternative to achieve a similar outcome:
1.Data Gathering (Ex: IMR);
2.Market Research and Consultancy (Ex: PremiValor, Plater);
3.SMS Gateway (Ex: SendIt, E-Goi);
4.FollowUp (impossible with existing services in the market).

Average Cost: 66.914 (sample of 30.000 people by ESOMAR in 2007)

Similar Approaches to micro-segmented advertising:
Google Ads;
Yahoo Pubisher networks;
Sapo Ads;

Develop Brand Awarness;

Long run:
Grow 10% year on year for the next 5 years;
Short run:
Achieve 200 clients in the next year;

Pricing Objective:
There are 3 major moments in the Price Strategy:
1st Moment Objective: To increase awareness and encourage trial;
How: Introdutry Price;
Assumption: After the trial of some companies we
suppose very good results were achieved; Thus, demand
increases specially in Small Enterprises. 2nd Moment Objective: Take advantage of the increased demand;
How: Increase Price;
Assumption: Mainly Medium and Large Enterprises
remain MIQ clients;
3rd Moment MIQ achieved a stable position, holds a larger
Installed Capacity and is now able to serve more

Thus, price decreases. Pricing Policy:
Cost per Thousand
Dynamic Pricing

Communication MIQ is a new company offering an innovative service; thus, in a first phase:

Communication Objective: To increase brand and service awareness; HOW? MIQ participates in entrepreneurial contests;
Attends to conferences;
In B2B markets Personal Relationships are of critical importance, as:
Less buyers than in B2C markets;
More complex decision making process;
Several influencers in the buying process;

Thus, the most effective way of marketing is through personal contact to build trust and provide information;

Direct marketing allows for:
target companies who are/may be interested in MIQ service;
Customize message;
Adjust to individual needs/characteristics
Place Companies will face a new-task situation, thus their primarily need from the channel is information; FALTA ESCREVER + People Software developers;
SAS Analysts;
Product and Project Managers;
General Purpose consultants;

Rigorous selection process from Master degrees.

Process Physical Environment The only time there will be contact between MIQ and its prospective clients will be during negotiations in Hotel Sheraton;

Hotel Sheraton will provide:
Conference Room
Private Line

This will increase the service preceived value. 1. It was assumed that Initial Demand would match 50% of MIQ installed capacity, and will grow 2% monthly;
2. Price evolution is described in X;
3. It is assumed Group BF is responsible for 60% of sales, Advisors for 35% and direct selling for 5%;
4. It is assumed Group BF holds a comission of 9,5% over its sales, Advisors earn 33% over their sales and the cost "others" include the cost of sending an SMS via mobile operators.
Forecasts were calculated on a monthly basis, relying on 4 assumptions: Appendixes Pricing Strategy MIQ prospective business clients recognize value in our service for the following reasons:
•It is a ready to go and accurate segmented SMS Advertising service; “It is no longer aiming at a fly with a canon, it is shooting at a fly with a 9mm gun and hitting it”;
•The service provides customer tracking;
•The service provides the possibility to adjust the database;
•In the near future, Call for Action and Survey services will be available;
Service Value Perception: Costs: There are 3 main cost drives:
•Individual’s information – 2€ per month per person;
•SMS packages from mobile operators - 0,0001128€ per SMS;
•Overheads were not consider for simplicity reasons;

Note, only variable Costs are taken as relevant in this analysis; Therefore:
Total Cost of one segmented SMS Advertising= 0,0701128€
Competitors costs, offers and prices There is no direct competiton except if we combined the mobile advertising with consulting segmentation analysis Pricing Policy Competition Cost per Thousand = 35,44euros
MIQ introductory Cost per Thousand= 21,27euros Assumption: The introductory MIQ Cost per Thousand will be 60% of the competitors Cost per thousand Product life cycle Introduction Period:
Seg. SMS Advertisement & Customer Tracking Forward Periods:
Adjustment, Call for Action and Survey Swot Key Success Factors Innovation
High Skilled Employees
Cost per contact Control Recommendations Implement Rigorous Recruitment Policies

Business Clients contact MIQ and schedule a meeting where they are provided with service information;
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