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Evers Park Library 2013 Report

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Michelle Lynn

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Evers Park Library 2013 Report

The Library: A Place to Know. A Place to Grow.
Evers Park Library 2013 Report
As early as kindergarten, students are expected to use pictures, print and people to gather information and answer questions. Each year, they are expected to become more proficient in searching and evaluation of resources. Evers Park Library provides a variety of resources, in many different formats, to help form critical thinking skills and engage students to become life-long, self-sufficient learners. Information Literacy Education on our campus includes:

Information Literacy: 21st Century Learners
Efforts to increase and improve student "pleasure" reading include:
What the kids like best: Pleasure Reading!
At Evers Park, the library is clean and attractive, has amenities that facilitate great meetings, and has room for the entire staff to sit comfortably. We find ways to accommodate everyone's needs for gathering spaces.

Visitors from around the school district and the community come to Evers Park Library: tutors, mentors, testing and small group instruction are daily events. People know the librarian is going to help their event go smoothly.

Events held in the school feature the library: from PTA & family meetings to Muffins for Mom to Literacy Night, the library is the place to be.

Parents (even college and HS students) used the library to do research and find books for their own use, as well as used the services of the librarian to get information they need from other libraries and reference sites.

The librarian brought in many people from the community to the benefit of students, including Denton Mayor Mark Burroughs, Recycleasaurus Rex, Councilman Dalton Gregory, representatives of the Texas Storytelling Festival, representatives of the City of Denton, Barnes & Noble, and the Denton Public Library.

Our Library is a Gathering Place for the School and the Community
Our new checkout policy put more books in students' hands than ever before!
Next year, we want to circulate even more books.
Digital learning initiatives got kids and teachers using databases for the first time!
Next year, we'll add BrainPop & e-readers.
Web site is now relevant, regularly updated and tied to curriculum:
Next year, we'll add more content for parents and ELL!
Taught staff and students a wide variety of computer skills.
Next year, let's have librarian- led trainings for the whole staff focused on 21st century teaching!
Partnered with community leaders!
Next year we plan MUCH MORE through Adopt-A-School and independently..

Looking back & Looking forward
Created and collaborated on high-priority lessons, advised by Reading Specialist and teachers.
Supplied books, videos, materials, appropriate web links, multimedia, pathfinders & guest speakers for all grade levels.
When staff and teachers couldn't find what they were looking for at Evers Park Library, we initiated interlibrary loans from other DISD schools went to the Denton Public Library, and purchased books to fit curricular needs.
Collaborated with all grade levels to improve literacy and 21st century learning skills.
Work with primary and pre-reading populations to prepare them for digital citizenship and introduce concepts of information literacy ("visual literacy")
Used library website to post webquests and pathfinders; a big help in a flipped classroom!
By The Numbers...
Support the TEKS.
Support the Teachers.
4th grade: Cinderella Across Cultures
What are some library collaboration projects?
K: Community Helpers, holidays, plants, retelling a story.
1: Make PowerPoints. Main idea, voice, Christmas traditions.
2: Texas Heroes. Fables & their morals.
3: Soil, paraphrasing, the planets, poetry, Thanksgiving, animal reports.
4: Autobiography/biography, bats, The Hero's Journey. Quality of information sources.
5: biographies, Databases, elections.
Speech: Speech patterns,
Psychologist & counselor: books featuring emotions, test prep, relaxation, Aspberger's Research
G/T: Inventors. Japan.

Digital Citizenship
Database Use
The Nature of the Internet
Basic Internet Use & Searches
Advanced Web Search Strategies
Comprehensive, Easy Access to databases with a single password sheet
Digital Learning Pathfinders and Mini Web Quests
Facilitate Distance Learning

Using CPS for the 2013 Mock Election
Book Club Book Bucks!
Battle of the Books
Ability to Request Purchases
Students can now put a book "on hold"
K-4 Paired Reading
Scout Awards (student online book review)

Bluebonnet Book Awards
Book Buffet & Book Trailers presentation of high-interest books
Puchase multiple copies of high-interest books
Improved signage and maps make it easier to find books
Create a nurturing, child-centered environment.
Highlights of the school year
Visits from the Mayor and City Councilman
"Tellers" from Texas Storytelling Festival
Robson Ranch Mentor Group
Math Night Reading Room
Literacy Night: 3 activities!
Recycleasaurus Rex

Positive interactions with the Denton community:

Libraries allow children to ask questions about the world and find the answers. And the wonderful thing is that once a child learns to use a library, the doors to learning are always open.

Former First Lady Laura Bush
7:30-3:30 nonstop
open access
582 Students and 67 Staff
10K+ books in the library
No overdue fines!
1977 Holds transactions (289 last year - nearly 700% increase)
76K check in, check out and renewal transactions
24/7 online presence
This means teachers AND kids are asking for books they really want ... and getting them!
Kindergarten gets ONE book.
First, second, and Third grade get TWO books.
4th and 5th grade get THREE books at a time.
Students who are in Culture Club or Book Club can check out one additional book.
What do Librarians do all day?
support curriculum by curating materials and collaborating on lessons for the whole school.
Manage the "business" end of the library sensibly and responsibly: communicate with students, parents, & district supervisors over circulation, budget and programming.
Stay aware of current ideas, pedagogy, and publications by reading online and print professional, technology and literary journals.
Create programming tied to curriculum and derived from in the best, newest most exciting resources available.
Work with other librarians in the city and the school district. Alert Evers students to local events that foster the love of reading and learning/using technology.
Maintain a constantly-changing website tailored to our school's needs.
Choose and create book displays for themes throughout the year.
Help students and staff find appropriate materials, websites
Put books away- constantly!
Keep library shelves organized - constantly!
Stay aware of trends, new information- all subject areas, all grade levels are "fair game."
Read lots of books and book reviews.
Build relationships with students and staff based on a love of reading and love of learning!
Very little technology in school / no tech budget
Need better communication about withdrawing students
Library would be better considered as "LIFT" inclusion team than part of the co-curriculars: use librarian to reinforce literacy & learning skills.

Above: Even Math Night can include storytelling!
Below: This presentation from the Texas Storytelling Festival was fun and fit in with 4th grade TEKS, too!
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