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The Swiss Family Robinson

No description

Sherry Gibbs

on 1 January 2015

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Transcript of The Swiss Family Robinson

Chapters 5, 7, 14, and 17
Ch. 5: The father and Fritz were forced to face a shark on the way back to the island from the shipwreck.
Ch. 7: The family constructed a bridge so that they could get from their first resting place to their new house.
Ch. 14: The father and three eldest sons constructed a pinnace that was on the boat, but had to get it out of the hold.
Ch. 17: The family learned how to tame a buffalo and an eagle.
Chapters 20, 24, 26, 27, and 30
Ch. 20: The family made a cave into a house for the winter months, when it rained in torrents.
Ch. 24: They prepared traps because of some destruction caused by monkeys.
Ch. 26: The father constructed a rowing machine to use on his boat.
Ch. 27: The family encountered a boa constrictor.
Ch. 30: The father and his three oldest sons encountered some ostriches and wanted to figure out what to do with them.
What does the cry of an ostrich sound like? The cry of an ostrich is a deep hollow rumbling, resembling the roar of a lion and occasionally mistaken for it.
Why does an ostrich eat stones? Stones help with their digestion.
Thank you!
The Swiss Family Robinson is a book about a family that gets stranded on an island after their boat crashes. They have very many fun adventures including dangerous animals, taming wild animals, and building their "city" into something comfortable.
Johann David Wyss, (April 2014), The Swiss Family Robinson, Otbebookpublishing

The Swiss Family Robinson
Book Report
In chapter 30, the boys see something they think are men on horseback, perhaps Arabs. What do the "Arabs" prove to be? Ostriches.
How do you distinguish a male ostrich from a female ostrich? A male is a deep glossy black color and a female is ashen brown.
Chapters 31, 36, and 37
Ch. 31: The father and three oldest sons attempted to capture the ostriches. They succeeded in getting one dead and a couple of eggs.
Ch. 36: Fritz, Jack, and Francis went on a hunting trip. When they went to enter the woods, a troop of monkeys wouldn't let them in. They fired one of their guns into it, and a couple fell dead, while the rest fled.
Ch. 37: The family created a barricade to keep elephants from their side of the island.
Male Ostrich
Female Ostrich
"Ostrich Sound"
Chapters 40 and 41
Ch. 40: The family encountered a lion and a lioness. Fritz shot the lion dead. The father shot the lioness wounded, then was forced to stab her in order to kill her and not harm their dogs.
Ch. 41: The family was looking for Fritz. On the way, they saw a cachalot whale, which the father recalled stories about being vicious and destroying boats. The father and Jack both shot it wounded. Not wanting to lose "such a valuable prize," they kept an eye out for it. When they saw it, they fired again, and, after a few moments of struggle, it lay motionless.
Main Characters
Ages are based on when they first arrived at the island. The book goes through many years.
The father: Anxious, loving
The mother (Elizabeth): Brave
Fritz: Handsome, spirited, fourteen
Ernest: Intelligent, well-informed, indolent, twelve
Jack: Bold, thoughtless, ten
Francis (Franz): Sweet-tempered, affectionate, nearly six
What was the honey indicator mentioned in chapter 31, paragraph 22, and what did it do for the boys? It was a cuckoo, and it led them to a bees' nest.
What did they do with the bear paws? They ate them.
Chapters 43 and 44
Ch. 43: A ship discovered their island, and they had to make some decisions.
Ch. 44: The captain offered to take them home, and Fritz, Franz and Jenny took up the offer, while the rest stayed on the island.
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