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Savvy Gal

No description

lindy holts

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Savvy Gal

The Savvy Gal Shake-Up
Client Acquisition
Savvy Gal College Ambassadors
The Savvy Soiree
Savvy Gal cardholders
An after-hours exclusive party in Savvy/Topshop. Complete with DJ!
Shoppers receive a 10% discount on everything purchased during the Soiree
Back to School
Winter Holiday
Select Nordstrom stores
Indulge current customers, encourage new customers to join the rewards program
Client Retention
Loyalty Program~ The Savvy Gal Debit
Client Retention
Savvy Dollars
Pac-12 Colleges
5-10 Ambassadors per campus
Responsible for:
Social Media (Blog, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
Hosting events
Publicizing the "Savvy Gal Debit"
Special Campus Events
Trunk shows on campus during:
Family/Alumni weekends
Sorority events
Beginning/End of school (back to school, summer clothes)
Christmas break
Other events: women in business, etc.
Will be addition to existing Nordstrom credit and debit options
Receive double points (4 per dollar) on ALL Savvy and Topshop merchandise
Works like already existing Nordstrom cards in all other store departments
Track consumer purchasing behavior in order to more effectively market to our target market
Shifting Target Markets
The Transitional Customer:
BP shopper/fashion board member
Savvy Gal cardholder
Level 4 Nordstrom shopper
Works similarly to Nordstrom Note
Only eligible for use on either Savvy or Topshop merchandise (online or in store)
Still able to accumulate Nordstrom notes
Campus Trunk shows
Social Media
Questions & Comments
Shopping the Competition
Rent The Runway
Campus Rep Program
Prospective Target Market
20 something female
fashion forward & pop culture oriented
college students (FIDM, AI, beauty school, & recent graduates)
estimated income students-young professional ($5,000-$50,000)
Urban areas in close proximity to Nordstrom FLS
Supplement consumers personal status and style
Enjoy activities including: going to dinner, clubbing, traveling, blogging, online shopping, fashion shows, interviews, dates, etc.
Topman & The Rail
Motivating the men:
What we're doing:
Loyalty Program
Personal styling App
Virtual Man Cave
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