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jaeha lee

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of booktalk

Presented by: Jaeha Lee My side of the Mountain By: Jean Craighead A boy named Sam Gribley runs away from home. When Sam tells his father that he will run away and live at his Great-grandfather's farm, his father doesn't believe Sam. Sam runs away with a penknife, a ball of cord, some flint and steel, and only the cloth he is wearing. Sam meets lots of people while going to the Farm. When people ask where he is going, and why he is going to the farm, Sam tells the people. Nobody believes Sam exept for one librarian. At first, When Sam arraives at the farm, he doesn't know anything about living in the wilderness. Sam gets really Hungry because he has nothing to eat. Sam catches a catfish and eats it. I recommend this book because we all live in cities, and we can learn some things about the wilderness. I think both girls and boys can enjoy this book. This is a story about Sam learning how to survive, and to be friends with animals. Sam meets lots of people while living by his own. thank you for listening to my presentation He slept at the very old farm house on the first day. Later he makes a big hole in a tree and lives in the tree. Sam made a door out of deer skin. Sam didn't go out when people were
around, so people didn't know a boy
was living in the tree. A school teacher Sam met in the woods visited Sam at Vacations and brought Sam suger to make jam and some news articles. "And now, I have something to show you," he said. He reached in his coat pocket and took out a newspaper clipping. It was from a New York paper, and it read: Wild boy suspected living off deer and nuts in wilderness of catskills
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