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Three Degrees of Comparison

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Myka Balderas

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Three Degrees of Comparison

Lesson Objectives

At the end of the session, atleast 75% of the students are expected to:

A. Differentiate the Three Degree of Comparison
B. Describe a persons, places, animals or things,
C. Identify descriptive words used in a sentence;
D.Construct sentences using the degrees of comparison


Positive Form
It is used when simply describing a persons or things.
It is used to denote or say the mere existence of some quality of what we speak or write all about.
It is used when no comparison is made.
Comparative Form
It is used when we compare two persons or two things with each other.
Superlative Form
It compares three or more persons, places, things or events.
The highest degree of comparison.
Certain adjective have the irregular forms in the comparative and superlative
Provide the correct degree of comparison of adjectives in the parenthesis to complete the following sentences.
1. Patty is (short) ________ than her brother.
2. The Jones family is (rich) ____________ than the Smith Family.
3. My room is (clean) ____________ than hers.
4. His cellphone is the (expensive) _________ of them all.
5. The sea is (calm) __________.
Thank you for listening :)
Three Degrees of Comparison
Positive, Comparative and Superlative
Degrees of Comparison
are used when we compare one person or one thing to another
Comparison can be made using the three forms of adjective
Adjective is a word which modifies a noun or pronoun
Tom is a tall boy.
In this sentence the word 'tall' is an adjective telling us how Tom is. There is no other person in the sentence used to compare Tom with. The adjective word 'tall' is said to be in the "positive form".
The blue book is thick.
The lion has a sharp teeth.
This dress is a beautiful dress.
The umbrella is colorful.
Taylor Swift has a curly hair.
Daniel Padilla is fat.
Three Degree of Comparison

Positive Form
Comparative Form
Superlative Form
Tom is taller than his brother.
There are two more comparisons with the 'positive form' of the adjective words.
(i) Degree of Equality
This comparison is used to compare two persons, animals or things to tell us that they are equal - having the same quality.

There are two cats with the same height and weight but different color.

The brown cat is
as beautiful as
the grey cat.
(ii) Degree of Inequality
This comparison is used to compare
persons, animals or things to tell us that they are not equal - not having the same quality.

The brown cat is
not as beautiful as
the black and white cat.
The word 'taller' is an adjective used to compare the 'tallness' of these two persons - Tom and his brother - and to tell us that Tom has more quality of 'tallness'.
Orange is bigger than the Apple.
The first man is stronger than the second man.
Three pineapples are bigger than the three tomatoes.
There are two more degrees of comparison with the 'comparative form'.
(i) Parallel Degree
It is used to show that the qualities of two items (adjectives) talked about in the sentence go parallel, i.e if one quality increases, the other quality increases.
The bigg
the box, the heavi
it is.
(ii) Progressive Degree
It is used to show that the qualities of a thing talked about in the given sentence increases or decreases as the time passes.
It's getting hotter and hotter day by day.
Ways to show Comparative Degree:
1. Add -er to most words that have one or two syllables.
2. Add more or least to words that have three or more syllables.
Examples for one or two syllables:
a. Mr. Sy is rich
than Mr.Dy
b. Martha is loveli
than Diana.
c. A musk ox is larg
than a cow.
Examples for three or more syllables:
a. Ms. Jessica is more beautiful than Ms. Dora.
b. Christine is more intelligent than Joshua.
c. Kate's hat is less expensive than Sandra's.
The word than is always in the comparative degree.
The Turtle moves so slow.
The Centipede is slower than the turtle.
The Snail is the slowest among the three.
In the third sentence the word (the) 'slowest' is an adjective form used to compare the 'slowness' of the snail and to tell us that the snail has the most quality of 'slowness'
The Orange bottle is
The Yellow bottle is
than the orange bottle.
The Pink bottle is the
among the three bottles.
Construct a sentence describing the picture using the degrees of comparison.
First girl's hair is
Second girl's hair is
than the First Girl's.
Third Girl has the
hair among them.
Ways to show Superlative Form/Degree:
1. Use -est to most words with one or two syllables show the superlative form.
2. Word most or least is added to form superlative degree with the words having three or more syllables.
Examples for one or two syllables:
1. Mr. Chua is the
among other bussinessmen.
2. Maria is the
among them all.
3. LET for teachers is the
examination among other examinations.
Examples for three or more syllables:
1. Sam is the
most qualified
for the pageant among the three.
2. Honesto is the
most honest
among others in the class.
3. Rob is the
most courageous
among the boys.
Identification: In a crosswise sheet of paper, underline the descriptive word used in the sentence and tell whether it is in the positive form, comparative form or superlative form.
Example: Lead is the heaviest of all the metals. (Superlative Form)
1. The Wabbash River flows faster in spring than in fall. (____________)
2. Christine has bought an old car. (______________)
3. Jay is taller than Joy. (_____________)
4. A rhinoceros is larger than a cow. (_______________)
5. King Solomon was the wisest of the kings we ever heard of. (_______________)
6. Kilimanjaro in Africa is taller than the Mount Blanc in Europe. (______________)
7. The Ipil-ipil tree is taller than the Atis tree. (______________)
8. Athena is more beautiful than Divina. (______________)
9. Bryan who used to be on top of the class is clever. (__________________)
10. Very few American cities are so/as big as New York. (______________)
Construct sentences using the positive, comparative and superlative degree of adjectives with the use of the following adjectives:
1. strange
2. dull
3. handsome
4. shy
5. blue
Rubrics for the Activity
The class will be divided into two groups. Within 5 minutes, each group will be looking for either a persons or objects inside the classroom and after which, you are going to construct a descriptive paragraph describing the persons or objects qualities using the three degrees of comparison. The paragraph must contain 5 or more paragraph. You may consider as many qualities as you can depending on the objects/persons qualities.

9. Compare the 6th gadget to the other gadgets.

8. Describe the children based from their moods.

7. Compare the two books from each other.

5. Describe the flower based from it’s appearance.

4. Describe the girl considering her body size.

3. Compare the blue whale the other animal considering their sizes.

2. Compare the third girl to the other girls considering their hair length.

6. Compare the two flowers based from their appearance.

1. Compare the two house considering their sizes
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