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!!!Fast Facts About Volleyball:D!!!

Hanna Lop`ez

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Volleyball

Volleyball :D Volleyball Volleyball is a very easy sport
to play, its also a very challenging.
Not unless you make it challenging
that is...Volleyball has many rules. But its easy
to follow:) What you should learn when you play volleyball:: you should learn how to bumb
how to serve the ball
how to pass the ball to your teamates
how to hit the ball over the net with out getting it on outter bounds
you should also learn how to move quick to get the ball if your teamates can' t get it
and maybe learn to do a spike (optional) By::Hanna M. The Rules about Volleyball:: If you serve underhand and you get out of bounds, than its the other teams ball or its your teams ball
if you serve with your palm and you get out of bounds, than you'll get another try. But if you don't get the volleyball over the net, than your serve is over and its the other teams ball
its optional if it's your teams ball or the other teams ball
About volleyball:: Volleyball is a very common sport to play beaches. Its also a lot better if you play on the sand.
Its better to play on the Sand because when you kneel to get the ball, you'll have a soft protection to help protect your skin
When you play volleyball on the court, make sure to wear knee pads because if you don't wear knee pads and you end up sliding to get the volleyball. You'll have some serious injuries.
Also when you play, you should wear the right shoes to run around the court. It would be a lot harder to run around without sport shoes.
And thats all you need to learn about volleyball :) Let's learn some fast facts about volleyball shall we? ----------------- * ----------------- Volleyball Volleyball Volleyball Volleyball Volleyball * -------------
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