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My geography Project!!!

Mansi Narula

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Canyons!

By: Mansi Narula

Hi, my name is Mansi and today I will
be talking to you about canyons. Yes,
you heard it right canyons. Those types
of landforms that just by looking at them
you think there is no secret about them. Whats
there is there. Well, I dont know your opinion
about landforms now but by the end of my
prezitation, I hope you will find canyons as
fascinating as I did!
Lets Begin!
How are they formed?
What are it's characteristics?
Where in the world are they located?
Types of Canyons
Canyons of the World
Plateau Canyon
Canyons are formed by erosion caused by rivers. Slowly, while eroding the river picks up light sediments and carries them downstream. Over a long period of time more materials are carried away ,aking the river deeper as well as wider. This process can tale a million, or even a billion years.

Canyons vary from how they look, their size, and what surrounds them. Canyons can be made up of different things. Many types of rock, and stone make up a canyon. Canyons can vary from range as well. A canyon can be very little or very big! Mostly all of the canyons in the world have stepped walls.
Here is a diagram of the layers of rocks that make up the grand canyon
Canyons are located all over the world in various different places! Slot canyons are usually found in drier climates. Some are found in Texas, Utah, New Mexico and even right here in Canada!
There are 3 different types of
They are.....
Submarine Canyons
Slot Canyon
These canyons begin with fast-moving rivers that can cut deep into rivers over periods of time. The water is powerful but not as powerful as flash floods which quickly come and go. These make them different from the rest because they are formed a different way so they will look different. These canyons don't go very high.
Canyons of the oceans. They are cut into the ocean floor by currents. They are different from the others because of the way they are formed as well as the way they look. Submarine canyons are mostly blue in colour where as to the other canyons are brown, green, gray and colours like that.
These canyons are created by flash floods. They are not very wide but very deep. Powerful and fast moving flash floods. They are different because of the canyons depth. These canyons can be very deep!
Now I am going to be listing the 5 largest canyons in the world!
Get ready!
5 Largest Canyons in the World
5. Fish River Canyon-Namibia
4. The Grand Canyon-U.S.A
3. The Kali Gandaki Gorge-Nepal
2. Capertee Valley- Australia
1. Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon-Tibet
Number 5
Number 4
Number 3
Number 2
Number 1
Wow! Canyons are just amazing! Well that concludes the end of my prezi but not my presentation!
Presenting to you now......

Is a model of the famous....
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