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Renewable Energy

Tyler Anderson

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Geothermal

Double click anywhere & add an idea Geothermal Energy Where dose my energy source come from? Geo-Earth, and Thermal-Heat The energy comes from the ground.But to get to it, people have to drill wells to the heated water. The heat from the water is what we use to create energy. How dose energy source work? The way the energy source works is by making a pipe go down the well to the hot water. As the water travels up the pipe, it goes though a generator in which when the steam rises, it turns these turbines that heat a coiled wire cylinder which produces heat. Has it been used in the past successfully? People have been able to put geothermal plants anywhere, as long as they can get to the water source. Places its used in are as followed: Philippines Cornfields Mammoth lake Tropical forest How much dose it cost to get this energy? Just to dig for the wells alone is about one million dollars. So far we have dug up a lot of wells before, but with the cost of making generaters and everything, it would end up being more then a mil. This is a drill for making wells Advantages to having this energy Has no smoky emissions, only emits water vapor
The power plants are so clean and operates great,that it can be built in sensative enviornments
It's Renewable energy!?
Conserves fossile fules
Fish grow faster in thermal water from the steamponds
Over 95% of the people who use this energy, say that would do it again.
Disadvantages for using this engery. Needs a lot of pumps to produce electricity
It's a not a beautiful place to look at
Needs to drill in areas only with heated water
Mostly found in california Additional Information
There are three way to gathering this energy, there are different kinds of plants for each enimviornment they are digging from.
Such as: First Geothermal Power was made in by Prince Piero Ginori Conti in 1904, Larderello, Itally Over 2,800 Mw of electricity from geothermal energy power plants, supply over 4 million people in the U.S For our city to have this energy, we would have to find thermal wells which would cost a few. But it would also bring more work to to our city and be able to employ more people. So this would be an awsome renewable energy source to use. Work Cited http://www.geothermal.marin.org
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