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Rhetoric Appeal Comp 1

Describing advertisements using rhetoric appeals.

Andrea Mossman

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Rhetoric Appeal Comp 1

"Time flies when you're having Bud Light!"
Who wouldn't want to hang out with friends having a good time? Everyone loves feeling accepted and beer obviously brings people together. So drink beer, be accepted, and have fun! Pathos "With only 110 calories, Bud Light is the choice for light, refreshing, thirst quenching fun!"
Not only does drinking Bud Light provide an awesome time, it's low calorie. Low calorie obviously means it's better for you too. Logos We believe what the ad is telling us based on what it says along with the picture of the young, attractive people having a good time. We elevated these peers to have authority in the matter. Ethos Katy Parry - singer/songwriter
What's the secret to her success? She's proactiv!

Katy is insanely successful. She's beautiful and talented. If she uses proactiv, so should you. Ethos Self confidence is vital for any person's life. Without some level of confidence you can't accomplish anything. One thing that obliterates confidence is acne. If proactiv solves this problem, we should use proactiv. We know that this product was tested in a clinical trial. That means that normal people tested the product while professionals monitored the results. Obviously the company is serious about knowing whether their product works. Ethos Prevents over 35% of stains
In a 12-week clinical study based on chewing 2 pieces of Trident White sugar free gum four times a day.

With as much gum as you are going to have to chew, you'll also have perpetually fresh breath. Logos Your eyes might be the window to your soul, but your smile is the invitation. In our society, having fresh breath is also a major concern. No body likes having gross teeth or nasty breath. Pathos Pathos Logos Helps clear and prevent acne blemishes
Works on all kinds of acne
Effective on all skin types
Try it for 60 days risk free

All of these claims equal one thing: a clear face. Your face is the first things people notice about you, and having acne steals your confidence. Why wouldn't you want to try every means available to have clear skin? Rhetoric Appeals
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