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Saturday Climbing

No description

aydn tori

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Saturday Climbing

Anna, Marion, Pana, Aydan
Information on the Author's

The novel Saturday Climbing by W.D.Valgardson is based on the relationship between a single father and his daughter. The narrator has argued many determinate issues of what issue has made the relationship unstable. The barrier between main characters are caused by over cares, over attentions, and lack of communication. In the family relationship, parenthood is always caring, because of his wife was passed away, the single father Barry has handled all the responsibility of keeping over his daughter Moira. As the time goes by Moira grows up, however, Barry still sees Moira as his little girl, he used to put too much cares to Moira, and control over all the situation on hand. But Moira thinks she is old enough to reach her own goal, and she does not want to require her father’s protection. The over cares from Barry has given her pressure and takes the freedom away from her. This constant argue and many other invalid communication breaks apart their relationship. As Moira becomes independent, Barry tries to communicate with her. Since Barry can’t be with Moira all the time, he questions her abilities of being independent. This gives a distrusted feeling to Moira, and also causes them to distance themselves from each other. However, once they start rock climbing, Barry is able to see past his instinct of being a protective father and realizes that he must support her decisions, and make her know that he will always be there for her, no matter what happens.
Short Story Summary
The setting of the story mainly takes place on a rock climbing site. It is at the rock where Barry gets all his flashbacks and even where him and Moira work things out.

The secondary setting takes places in Barry's mind. That's where we understand Barry and Moira's relationship, along with their conflicts and life situation

The chronological setting of Saturday Climbing is taken place in the 20th-21st century, due to the fact of modern language and the use of transportation.

There are two main characters in Saturday Climbing.

The Two characters are:

Barry: a single father that has a troubled relationship with his
daughter. In the story, he is a round and dynamic
character in which we learn about of.

Moira: a 16 year old teenager, and the daughter of Barry who
wants to go to a distant collage. Unlike Barry she is a flat
and static character
Point of View
The point of view of Saturday Climbing is third person limited, which in this case, is Barry

Third person limited point of view is when the reader sees and knows everything that is happening within main character of the story, including knowing what the narrator or main character.
Plot Structure

Plot Structure
Rising Action
"Then, unexpectedly, the surfaces smoothed; the places where he could get a secure hold were spread farther and farther apart." 53

"Before they started climbing, there had crept into his daughter's voice a constant hate of disparagement and disappointment" 54

"He could not control the trembling of his legs. The muscle of his right arm jerked spasmodically...he had tried to keep life simple and uncomplicated" 53

"At the same time, the numerous cracks dwindled until there was no place to set any protection." 54
Significant Quotations
Significant Quotations
"The caged bird proves nothing but the power of the captor", and "The world seeks balance; extremism begets extremism" 54

His daughter, eighty feet below, seemed so small that Barry felt he could lift her into his arms." 55

"From time to time, she paused to pull loose the chock nuts and pitons her father had left behind." 56

"Below her, her father ever watchful, full of fear, smoothly paved out the rope, determined to give her all the slack she needed while, at the same time, keeping his hands tensed, ready to lock shut, ready
to absorb the shock of any fall." 56
Special Topics
Symbolism: - The "golden line of rope that joined
them", represents Moira and her
father's trust in each other.

- The cliff symbolizes the rigid and
challenged relationship that Moira and
her father posses

Flashbacks: - the "frizzy hair girl" that is a student of
Barry's, leads him to change his attitude
towards raising his daughter.

- The past incidents that occured with Moira
and Barry, demonstrate their realtionship
with one another.
Special Topics

Big Ideas:

- The perception of how parents are raising
their children in a manner that causes
children to stray away from home.

- Parents should enforce guidelines, rather
than make decisions on a part of their
Saturday Climbing
By: W.D Valgardson
At the beginning of the story, Barry is leading, while Moira is belaying. Barry being the lead climber is a metaphor for him trying to mend the relationship between himself and Moira, in an attempt to mend their relationship.
Barry and Moira do not get along very well.
it is revealed that Barry has tried many things to be closer to Moira, and that he is worried about her.
Barry started rock climbing with her in an attempt to find something in common.
Barry and Moira get in arguments about a party and college.
Plot Structure

Barry and his daughter come to a resting place on their climb and finally reach an understanding as they communicate their real feelings. Moira then brings up the topic of leaving to another university, which catches Barry off guard.
Plot Structure
Falling Action
Plot Structure
After Barry remembers what the frizzy haired girl says, he is ready to give more independence to Moira.
As Moira is climbing, Barry stands at the bottom ready to catch her if she falls. This applies both physically and metaphorically.
Plot Structure
Person versus Person
As Maura gets older she wants more freedom but her father is unwilling to give it to her, which entails continuous fighting.
Person versus Self
Barry wants to be admired by his daughter and wants to have a good relationship with her but he does not trust her and he can't treat her as the young adult she is becoming.
Person versus Nature
As Barry contemplates the obstacles he is trying to over come in his life. Barry and his daughter are climbing a great rock face, grabbing on to every little handhold he can and putting a safety in every crevice just as he has to do in his daughters life if he wants to overcome his current obstacles.
The theme is trust, through out the story are examples of trust or lack of trust.

The most dominant fear and lack of trust is, regarding Maura's desire to go to University.

Barry only ever wants her to do things that he knows for sure are safe, he wants to be able to watch and guide her at all times. Nearing the end of the story Maura decides she wants to lead the next climb, this goes against every instinct within Barry.

. He finally gives her that piece of freedom and trust she so yearned for, and it is implied that this will continue, as long as his trust is earned.
Saturday Climbing
Not taking into consideration of the opposing person's feelings
Conflicts: - nature vs. human
- female vs. male
Perspective of over protectiveness
Thrive for more independence
Moira and Liam, both, want to go their own way
Gabriella and Barry, both try to mend their relationships with their loved one.
In the end, Liam loses Gabriella
Flashbacks, regarding their past with each other
Gabriella purposed to go on a hike, because she wanted to talk about their future
Barry is always there for Moira, and protects her.
Liam ran away when the bear appeared, which demonstrates his neglect towards Gabriella
Barry and Gabriella are both teachers
Plot Structure
Resolved Conflict
The person versus person conflict is solved when Moira has obtained her freedom from behalf of her father.

The person versus self is resolved when Barry is able to accept the fact that Moira has grown and he has to let her go at some point.
When Maura decides that she wants to lead the next climb. Barry has always been protective, but in such a way that she feels that he is trying to suffocate her independence. The decision to let her lead this climb could be a an influence in his decision making towards more important cases, such as her future education.
Moira wants to lead the next climb going up further but Barry remembered how one of their classmates fell off and died. He wanted to go back down, however Moira insisted that she wouldn’t be careless.
W.D Valgardson is a Canadian novelist, short story writer, and poet
Many of his stories often involves irony and symbolism.
His short stories involve normal people in normal situations, yet under certain circumstances, which lead unusual and surprising lives
"Saturday Climbing, involves one of Valgardson's hobbies which is climbing
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