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Being the Bystander

TOK Presentation

Thuyvi Vo

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Being the Bystander

The "Reinforcers" The "Outsiders" The "Defenders" Being the Bystander... Witnessing Bullying... The kids who are not directly involved in the bullying behavior but they give the act of bullying an audience. These children will often laugh or provide support for the bully. This can encourage the bullying to continue. These children remain separate from the bullying situation. They neither reinforce the bullying behavior nor defend the child being bullied. Some may watch what is going on but do not provide feedback about the situation to show they are on anyone’s side. Even so, they are still providing an audience may encourage the bullying behavior. These children actively comfort the child being bullied and may come to the child's defense when bullying occurs. YAY!! These kids are not only heroes to their peers, but are also my heroes! The "Assistants" These kids may not necessarily start the bullying or lead the bullying behavior, but serve as an "assistant" to the bully. These children may encourage the bullying behavior and occasionally join in physically, emotionally or verbally. Kids involved in bullying are not only the bully and the victim, but are also the kids who witness bullying. They can also become the bully to avoid being bullied... There are four key roles that kids play as a witness: Areas of Knowledge: ETHICS
Human Science Ways of Knowing: Emotion
Reason To what extent is the role of a witness as important as the direct roles of bullying? Knowledge issue: you must demonstrate that bullying is an unpleasant and despicable act. Speaking out about injustices will help others overcome bullying. So educate and respond to bullying.
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