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No description

Kristin Sax

on 31 March 2016

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Transcript of Yukigassen

Yuki - Meaning Snow
Kassen- Meaning Battle
Snow Battle
1987-Idea was sparked, after a youthful commission was watching South East Asian tourists having a snow ball fight!
Yukigassen History

1995- Finland hosted the first Yukigassen organization, followed by Norway (97), Russia (06),Australia (07),Holland (08), Sweden (09), and the big competitor Canada and USA(11), and Belgium.

2008- "Hokkaido Sports association recognized Yukigassen federation as a competitive sporting body"

2012- Yamanashi Yukigassen Federation recognized by the area sport association.

Yukigassen world changes
Sobetsu - Small town population 3, 046

Showa Shinzan- a well known "secret" volcano near the town of Sobetsu where the tournament is held as well as the World Championships

Area is known for hot springs and nature, and now with Yukigassen tourism has flooded Sobetsu bringing in people from all over the world.
Sobetsu, Hokkaido Japan
Japan- Hokkaido, Showa Shinza, Tottori, Yamanashi
Yukigassen around the world
Each team consists of 7 players and one coach with 2 Subs
There are 4 forwards and 3 backcourts
Each team can use up to 90 balls in each set, which are 3 minutes each.

Rules of Yukigassen
Any player struck by a direct snow ball is eliminated

If a snowball ricocheteed off an object or another player it does not count

A players can be eliminated by getting hit by a teammates snowball or ones own

Catching a snowball from a teammate is elimination, so passes can only be hand to hand or rolling

Cont. Rules
Clothing-Well Fitted no loose clothing

Shoes-Sport shoes with Rubber soles

Gloves- Thin

Team Flag-Each team is responsible ( 50 cm in height and 70 cm in length

Helmet- Custom

Snowball maker and Shelter
1988- Rules committee was formed, with the official set of rules
1989-Snowball maker and official helmets were made

1991-1st woman's division tournament

1992-Australia was the first to host an event outside of Japan

1993-Japan Yukigassan alliance established

Objective of Yukigassen
To win- Capture your opponents flag or eliminate all other players
The team with more
remaining players at
the end!
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