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Louisiana Purchase

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Katie Moderau

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Louisiana Purchase

TheLouisiana Purchase
Nation Looks West
By 1800, more than one million settlers lived between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River.

Importance of Access to Mississippi River:
farmers depended on river
Pinckney's Treaty
Spain controlled the Mississippi and New Orleans, threatened to close port to American ships

1795- US negotiated a treaty with Spain

Pinckney's treaty
Importance of Pinckney's Treaty:
gave Americans the right to ship goods down Mississippi to New Orleans

1801- Jefferson discovered that Spain secretly gave New Orleans
1801 Crisis
Jefferson's fear about the transfer of LA to France:
Napoleon intended to make France a strong power in America

(He had already set out to
conquer Europe.)
Buying Louisiana
Jefferson's proposed deal:
purchase New Orleans and West Florida from France
Situation in France at the time:
-French driven from Haiti
-War loomed between France and Britain
Toussaint L'Ouverture
Surprise Offer
Jefferson sent Monroe & Livingston to buy New Orleans & West Florida
France's Offer:
sell entire LA Territory to US
Jefferson's Dilemma:
Constitution did not authorize the President to buy land
Resolution to dilemma:
Jefferson decided the Constitution gave the President the right to make treaties, so he could purchase the LA Territory

(Livingston & Monroe agreed to purchase without taking time to get Jefferson's advice)
Exploring the West
Reasons for L & C Expedition:
-Learn about geography, plants, animals, and natural features
-Make contact with Native Americans
-Find a water route to the Pacific
Lewis & Clark Expedition
Route to Pacific:
St. Louis to Missouri River to Platte River to Great Plains to ND to MT to Rocky Mts. to Columbia River to Pacific
Americans gained new awareness of a rich & beautiful part of the continent
Pike's Expedition
Route of Pike's Expedition:
southern part of LA Terr. to Rocky Mts. to Spanish New Mexico to Pike's Peak

Sparked American interest in the Spanish borderlands
1. What do you think will happen to Native Americans living in the Louisiana Territory?

They will be forced out by American settlers.
2. How does control of the Mississippi River help America's economy?

It is used to ship goods.
3. What geographical feature marks the western border of the United States in 1803?

Rocky Mountains
4. What country stands in America's way from controlling all of the Gulf Coast?

5. How does control of the port of New Orleans help America's economy?

It was a strategic port for the US to ship American goods.
6. How does control of the port of New Orleans help America's national security?

By controlling it, America no longer has to deal with hostilities from Spain & can protect from invading countries.
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