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No description

Emil Christensen

on 20 October 2017

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Transcript of CRASH

Closet racist, biased towards Daniel
Married to Rick
Fake Friends
Maria is her best friend
Husband of Jean
Running for governor
Needs the "black vote"

Mexican heritage
Honest worker, tries to support family
A 2000´s Los Angeles
Shop owner
Short tempered
Shop gets wrecked, blames Daniel
Farhad's daughter
Bought a gun for her father
Secretly bought blank bullets
Farhad's Wife
Mainly background character
Officer Ryan
Experienced police officer (Worked 15 years)
Misuses authority

Daniels Daughter
Gets shot, but it's a blank
Officer Tom Hansen
Detective Graham Waters
Cameron Thayer
Black TV producer in charge of "black" roles
Married to Christine Thayer
Makes a large amount of money
Christine Thayer
Cameron's wife
Hates Cameron for not helping while Ryan is touching her
Tries to get back into relationship with Cameron again
Jean's maid & best friend after Jean falls down stairs
A real "street thug"
Only steals from whites
Hates the way whites view blacks, but enforces the stereotype
The brother of Graham Waters
Favourite son of their mother
Gets into trouble with the law
Gets killed by rookie officer Tom Hansen
Body found by his brother
rookie police officer.
In team with Ryan.
Ask for a new team.
In his new duty, talked Cameron Thayer into his senses.
In the end shot Peter.
The brother of Peter
Does his duty in a racist police force
Finds the body of his brother in the roadside
Cares for his mother, even though she does not know it
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