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Massage Therapy

No description

Quinten V.

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy
What is Massage Therapy?
The manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) to enhance a person’s health and well-being.
What do you think the main reasons for seeking massage therapy are?
Reduce stress and anxiety
Relax muscles
Rehabilitate injuries
Reduce pain
Promote overall health and wellness
Types of Massage Therapy
-Acupressure -Swedish
-Acupuncture -Thai
-Aromatherapy -Trigger Point
-Chair Massage -Reflexology
-Deep Tissue Massage -Raindrop -Myofacial -Neuromuscular
-Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
-Hot Stone

Benefits Of Massage
-Relaxes muscle spasm, relieves tension
-Dilates blood vessels, improves circulation
-Relieves congestion of the body
-Increases blood supply and nutrition to muscles
-Helps to prevent buildup of fatigue products(lactic acid) resulting from strenuous activity
-Stretches connective tissue, prevents formations of adhesions, reduces danger of fibrosis
-Helps lessen inflammation/swelling in joints
-Alleviates pain
What is a Registered
Massage Therapist?
-educated at an institution recognized by the government of Ontario
-studied courses in anatomy, physiology, pathology, physical assessment, neurology, treatments, and ethics
-completed a minimum of 150 clinical hours
-successfully completed exams and registered by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario in accordance with the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, and the Massage Therapy Act, 1991
Schools Offering Massage Therapy in Ontario
-Royal Canadian College of Massage
Massage Techniques
skin is gently lifted and squeezed. Like kneading bread. Stroking motions
usage of light, quick chopping, slapping, or beating strokes on the body
thumbs and fingers work in deep circles into thickest part of muscles
fingers pressed firmly on a muscle and then shaken for a few seconds
"to skim" in French. Warmup of muscles, gently rubbing down the body
Massage Therapist
Earnings Survey (Averaged out)
-Average income earned in 2012 was roughly $42,771 (before taxes).
-The majority of income (approx 91%) is earned through direct patient care.
-The majority of respondents do not work outside of the practice of massage therapy.
-The average rate per massage is $76.00/hour.
-Per week, RMTs spend an average of 21 hours on ‘hands-on’, direct patient care.
-The average volume of patients per week is 19
-Just over 50% of respondents indicated that they would like to spend roughly an additional 10 hours on direct patient care.
-54% are satisfied with their pay, although they would like to work more hours

In the spring of 2013, the Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario (RMTAO) surveyed all RMTs practicing in Ontario about their occupational earnings.
Demographics of the Survey
1131 respondents of which:

-83% female, 17% male respondents
-Median age of respondents was 35-40 years old
-Youngest was 21, oldest was 62
If a client comes in and claims neck/upper back pain, what major muscles would you massage?
Levator Scapulae
If a client comes in and claims lower back pain, what major muscles would you massage?
Erector Spinae
Latissimus Dorsi
Serratus Posterior Inferior
1. List 5 benefits of massage therapy

2. Explain one massage technique

3. List 3 types of massage
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