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Deadline by Chris Crutcher

No description

toye larry III

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Deadline by Chris Crutcher

Deadline by Chris Crutcher
takes place story takes place in modern day Trout, Idaho
Trout is small city so most people know of almost everyone in the city
The time of year affects the story because, ben was able to play football
Ben Wolf is the main Character
Ben is: Athletic, smart, and has a smart mouth
Other main characters include Dallas Suzuki his girlfriend, Cody Wolf his brother, Coach, and Mr. Lambeer

In Deadline the main conflict is that the main character Ben Wolf has a disease and that he will die in a year.

The conflict does not resolve ben dies in the end.

Ben must deal with the pain of knowing that in a year he will leave his girlfriend, his brother, and his parents .
the hardest thing that he has to deal with is for most of the book he was trying not to tell people.
In the beginning of the book Ben was informed that he only had one year to live. Ben was determined to make this year feel like a life time. He refused treatment for his illness because he thought it would just make him sick. To start off with making this last year a good one Ben turned out for football. Not only did he want to play football he also had his eyes set on a girl named Dallas Suzuki. Ben started to have a person visit him in his dreams named Hey-Soos. There are also family problems. Ben's mom is sick so she crashes and stays in her room for days at a time. Ben starts to hang out with By the middle of the book Ben starts to feel bad about not telling anyone about his illness. Around the time Ben starts to show symptoms of dying he starts to tell people about his illness. Most people don't get mad but Dallas feels betrayed because she was not told. He was dead by graduation so his brother had to do his speech.
The theme of this book is "Take as many shots in life as you can before the ball goes flat.
This means do as much in life as you can before you die because it will happen and most people don't no when.
I say this because when Ben found out he was going to die he wanted to make sure he did as much as he could to leave his mark on Trout, Idaho.
Most of the Characters don't learn form this theme but they do learn that the truth is always better than lying.
R.I.P Ben Wolf
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