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History of Converse

No description

yvonne liu

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of History of Converse

History Of Converse 1908: Marquis Mills Converse opened the Converse Rubber Cooperation for business in Malden, Massachusetts. Mills passed a rubber trust that prevented companies from doing business with their retailers . 1990: 60% of American's owned Chuck Taylors in the 1900s. 1921 : Chuck Taylors styled shoes were named after an all-star basketball player named Charles "Chuck" Taylor . He wore the All Star® as his athletic shoe. Charles Taylor became part of the business (sales man) and gave imput on the design of the shoe and his contribution led to his name being put on the ankle patch. 1921: Chuck Taylor travelled around the United States and joined the Converse sales force and later becomes the coach of the Converse All Star. 1917 : Converse first released the Converse All Star® basketball sneaker. 1942 : Converse concentrates on the production
of merchandise for World War II effort.

All of the U.S. Army Air Corp wore
specially designing A6 Flying Boots.
Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers were used during basic training. SURVEY DID YOU KNOW... By Vanessa Beja and Yvonne Liu 1918: Chuck Taylor laces up his first pair of All Star Sneakers. 1962: A low cut version of the All Star Sneaker
called the " oxford " is delevolped. 1966: converse available in 7 colors !!! 1915: Canvas footwear begins to be produced & Tennis shoes were being created. 1984: The LA Olympics is officially
sponsored by Converse footwear. 1992: 75th anniversary and 500, 000 ,000 pairs have been sold around the world. 2008: 100th anniversary ^_^ 1936 : Converse produces the white All-star high tops with its patriotic red and blue trim for the Olympics. Reasons for not having any/wanting converse:
- Don't like the style
- Not fashionable
- Not their preference of shoes
- Don't like the brand 16 people would purchase more
8 people would not

5 would maybe buy a pair in the future
1 would not Military refered to Chuck Taylors as "MIL-S-43961" 2001: Janurary 22, due to poor business decisions and loss of market shares the company filed a bankruptcy. In April it was purchased by Mardsen Cason and Bill Simon. 1949 : The classic black and white high top were introduced. Guinness World Recorder holder Joshua Mueller, 680 pairs(and more). Bibliography :

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"Converse shoes, Chuck Taylor basketball shoes." Nike Shoes - Shop authentic Nike sneakers, Nike Air Jordans shoes, Nike dunks sneakers. 05 June 2011 <http://www.sneakerhead.com/manufacture-converse.html>. Cool fact! This is a pair of converse made of cake.
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