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No description

jocelyn vasquez

on 16 February 2013

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ALL ABOUT ME:)JOCELYN i love puppies I LIKE TO PLAY SOCCER MY FAVORITE PLAYER IS CHICHARITO I want to be a singer when i grow up. i want to be like Rihanna MY FIRST SCHOOL WAS AT SAN ANTONIO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL MY MIDDLE SCHOOL WAS AT EMERSON MIDDLE SCHOOL. MY BIRTHDAY IS IN JUNE 30 My favorite color is light green and light blue My favorite singers are Selena, Justin Bieber, J,lo, and Romero Santos Selena Gomez. My favorite movie is Hunger Games My favorite book is jumanji My favorite basketball team is Lakers.My favorite baseball team dodgers. My favorite dogs are bulldogs I like to hang out with firends and have some fun but somes it times for some serious times I love staying home sometimes watching movies with my family. I love hearing music mostly all day. I love taking care of baby's and kids. I love being on facebook mostly every day. I love going to the mall and going on the buggy jumping My favorite candy is skittles My favorite cookies are chocolate chips. My favorite fruit is mango. I am ticklish a lot if u are barely going to tickle me ill start laughing I love playing call of duty and mario. Thank for watching hope you like:)
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